Response Action

Response Action,

What is The Meaning of Response Action?

  • Response Action refers to (1) A general term for measures taken in response to real or potentially hazardous environmental events such as outbreaks, immediate discharges and asbestos management / disposal issues. (2) Proceedings approved under the Comprehensive Environmental Duties, Clearing and Response Act (CERCLA), including short-term returns or long-term returns. This may include transferring hazardous materials from the site to an EPA-approved hazardous waste treatment facility. Identify and remove ground contaminants at the site and prevent further transmission of contaminants. Reduce containment, repair, operation and maintenance.

Literal Meanings of Response Action


Meanings of Response:
  1. Oral or written response

Sentences of Response
  1. Without waiting for an answer, he went back to his diary.


Meanings of Action:
  1. Usually, the act or process of doing something to achieve a goal.

  2. One thing acted.

  3. The way or method of work, usually the way a method works or how a person moves.

  4. An armed conflict

  5. The case is pending in the court.

Sentences of Action
  1. Promise action against the perpetrators again and again

  2. Often question their actions

  3. Weapons have stable speed and action

  4. Soldiers missing during the war

  5. Claim for damages

Synonyms of Action

fighting, suit, litigation, work, hostilities, warfare, deed, activity, legal contest, legal dispute, steps, case, achievement, venture, war, working, movement, manoeuvre, armed conflict, accomplishment, measures, gesture, move, lawsuit, enterprise, operation, combat