Definition of Respondent:

  1. Person or party who responds to an advertisement, request for bids, request for proposals, etc.

  2. Defendant against whom a petition or complaint is filed in a court.

  3. Person who is asked for certain oral or written information during a survey.

Synonyms of Respondent

Accused, Answerer, Answering, Antiphonal, Confutative, Correspondent, Defendant, Echoic, Echoing, Libelee, Prisoner, Reacting, Reactionary, Reactive, Reechoing, Reflex, Reflexive, Refluent, Refutative, Rejoining, Replier, Replying, Responder, Responding, Responser, Responsive, Retroactionary, Retroactive, Returning, Revulsive, Suspect

How to use Respondent in a sentence?

  1. The respondent was quite alert as this moment was vital to the continued existence of their business plans in our community.
  2. If you find yourself as the respondent in a case make sure to get good legal representation on your side to help you.
  3. In our interaction, I was the respondent because I was written to first and was being asked all of the questions.

Meaning of Respondent & Respondent Definition