Respite care

Respite care,

Definition of Respite care:

  1. Temporary institutional care of a sick, elderly, or disabled person, providing relief for their usual caregiver.

  2. Respite care typically comes into play with patients who are disabled, developmentally disabled, terminally ill, or elderly. People who need round-the-clock care and supervision often need long-term, constant care. Respite care gives family members a break from the stressful task of nearly constant care of a loved one. Caregivers provide temporary relief when a full-time caregiver travels, tries to ease an elderly family member into an assisted living situation or simply needs a break. Respite caregivers provide meals, medication management, housekeeping, personal hygiene care, and laundry service, among other services, for those who need regular care. Some respite care providers might take patients for outings and to activities away from the residence.

  3. A health insurance benefit wherein the family acting as cargivers to a patient are given a break. The patient is usually moved to a nursing care facility during this time.

  4. Respite care involves short term or temporary care of the sick or disabled for a few hours or weeks, designed to provide some relief to the regular caregiver. The regular caregiver is usually a family member, but may be a professional home healthcare worker. A family member may be hesitant to seek or use respite care to leave a loved one in the care of another; however, there is evidence that caregivers who take a break from the associated stresses can help prevent incidents of neglect or abuse.

How to use Respite care in a sentence?

  1. Respite care services can include providing meals, bathing, toileting, and medicating in addition to contributing to housework if care is provided at home.
  2. They include meals on wheels, home help, day care, respite care for carers, and special assistance for those who are ill or who are about to leave hospital.
  3. Studies have found that respite care enables primary caregivers to do a better job at providing care, while alleviating stress and reducing mistakes.
  4. Respite care refers to hourly employment of a home care worker in order to give some time off to a primary caregiver (who may be a family member or a professional).

Meaning of Respite care & Respite care Definition

Respite Care,

Respite Care Meanings:

In general, in the context of gastrointestinal care, supportive care is an advantage that is often available to the patient's family members and the patient's primary care provides comfort or ease in caring for the patient. Patients can get extra care at home or in a nursing home.

A simple definition of Respite Care is:

(1) Temporary care in a nursing home, hospice or hospital so that relatives or friends who care for patients can relax or take time out. (2) Intensive care through hospital services in accordance with Part A.

The care provided to hospital patients reduces the burden on caregivers (usually family members). To cover Medicare, follow-up care must be provided in a follow-up, Medicare-approved facility, such as a nursing home, hospital, or nursing home.

Literal Meanings of Respite Care


Meanings of Respite:
  1. A short period of rest or relief from something difficult and painful.

  2. Delay (fines, dues, etc.)

Sentences of Respite
  1. The refugee camp will ease the suffering

  2. His execution was postponed for only a few months

Synonyms of Respite

rest, break, breathing space, interval, intermission, interlude, recess, lull, pause, time out, hiatus, halt, stop, stoppage, cessation, discontinuation, standstill, postpone, put off, delay, defer, put back, hold off, hold over, carry over, reschedule, do later, shelve, stand over


Meanings of Care:
  1. Provision of what is necessary for the health, well-being, care and safety of a person or thing.

  2. Serious care or consideration is used to correct something or to avoid harm or danger.

  3. Being anxious or interested in something important.

  4. Care and satisfaction.

  5. American Relief Cooperative Everywhere, a large private organization that provides long-term and emergency assistance to people in need around the world.

Sentences of Care
  1. Take care of parents

  2. He arranged his departure very carefully

  3. They do not care about human life

  4. She has many animals to take care of

Synonyms of Care

safe keeping, supervision, custody, charge, protection, keeping, keep, control, management, ministration, guidance, superintendence, tutelage, aegis, responsibility, caution, carefulness, wariness, awareness, heedfulness, heed

Respite Care,

Definition of Respite Care:

  1. Meaning of Respite Care: Long-term care insurance benefits that pay off to alternative carers

Literal Meanings of Respite Care


Synonyms of Respite

pigeonhole, hold in abeyance, put in abeyance, mothball


Synonyms of Care

attention, attentiveness, alertness, watchfulness, vigilance, circumspection, prudence, guardedness, observance, be concerned, worry, worry oneself, trouble oneself, bother, mind, look after, take care of, tend, attend to, minister to, take charge of, nurse, provide for, foster, protect, watch, guard