What is skin?

A reskin is a brand image that replaces the background of a website. It literally means applying a temporary skin to the advertiser on their website design (hence the term "re-skin"). These ads are often sold as part of a landing page sponsorship or acquisition and can be very effective if they are expensive.

Reskins are still essentially co-branded exercises. So if your website has a brand that other brands want to be associated with, this is one of the most effective ways to monetize it.

The biggest problem with skins is that there is no single definition of skins for all websites. This is because they are all designed differently, so there is not one common design specification for all skins.

Also, the type of leather available varies from site to site. Some are clickable or even interactive. Some have a space around the logo at the top of the site, while others only have stripes on the side.

In almost all cases, a website designer has to work with an advertiser to implement the redesign. This means that this option will not be available for most locations unless planned from the start.

The only time Reskin has been widely available has been through ad networks that have partnered with various websites to standardize Reskin's specifications. However, this is not always the case and should be checked separately.

Best advice

However, the most important thing in buying or selling these ads is to have someone on the other end who is technically proficient. Ads like this require collaboration between sites and advertisers, so get in touch with their experts!

Ad networks can sometimes reduce this load, but not in all cases.

Tips for website upgrades for website owners

Being able to upgrade your website can be quite lucrative if not embarrassing. Ideally, you want to set up your site to change its layout at will, just like any other ad unit. This means designing your site from scratch to support Reskins, so plan ahead.

Reskins can be sold as sponsorships or website acquisitions under CPD. This means you can monetize the brand equity of your website and the experiences it has to offer. However, you should be careful to tell the advertiser exactly what you are offering. Let them know in advance if your reskin is clickable (and clicks can be tracked). Also, don't forget the file specifications they should provide.

Testing is required for this type of display. Always insist that the files/code be sent to you well in advance of the scheduled release. A day or two of pre-launch testing (to allow time for troubleshooting) can be invaluable.

Also, be careful not to make any contractual promises to print. You do not sell under the CPM model and should not be subject to it. These types of ads have more problems than others for several reasons. This means that you may see a fairly large discrepancy between the number of impressions you have predicted and the number you have delivered. There will also be a particularly large gap between the ad units and the new skins.

Tips for website upgrades for ad buyers

Reskins can be a very effective but expensive form of advertising, especially as part of a landing page sponsorship or acquisition. However, this is only a good idea if you have the budget and designer to create a new quality skin.

This is very important when these kinds of ads can be too annoying as they are definitely not standard. The website you work with should also play a pretty important role in making sure it works properly. This can be quite difficult for even the most seemingly competent websites.

Our general recommendation is that when using this type of ad, do a little testing to resolve any issues with the site of your choice before committing to an entire campaign. Also, make sure that the metrics you want to capture are available before you begin, as nothing is taken for granted with this type of mapping.

Meanings of Reskin

  1. To replace or repair the outer skin (aircraft or car).