Resistance Level

Resistance Level,

What is The Definition of Resistance Level?

Resistance Level means, The price point at which the value of an asset slows or even reverses as the volume of trading increases.

Literal Meanings of Resistance Level


Meanings of Resistance:
  1. Trying to stop something through actions or arguments, or refusing to accept or accept something

  2. The ability to be affected by something, especially something negative.

  3. The effect of obstruction, slowness, or obstruction of one material object to another.

  4. To the extent that the substance or device prevents the current and passing energy of electricity from being blocked. The ohmic resistance (measured in ohms) voltage is divided by the current.

Sentences of Resistance
  1. He does not refuse to take

  2. Some of us are less resistant to cold than others

  3. Air resistance should be reduced by simplification

  4. The voltage and / or resistance and therefore the temperature of each thermometer are measured at intervals of a few seconds.

Synonyms of Resistance

lack of enthusiasm for, opposition to, reluctance to accept, hostility to, aversion to, disinclination to accept, refusal to accept, unwillingness to accept


Meanings of Level:
  1. Provides a smooth, even surface.

  2. Do something (especially sports scores) the same or similar.

  3. Purpose weapon)

  4. Find the difference in height of (earth)

  5. A plane or line that is horizontal in terms of distance above or below a particular point.

  6. Position on a real or imaginary scale of quantity, quantity, level or quality.

  7. (In video games) A ​​series of increasing difficulty levels that a player can complete one level to reach the next level.

  8. Contamination consists of air bubbles, partially filled with alcohol or other liquids, in a sealed glass tube, the position of which indicates whether the surface is flat or vertical.

  9. Flat area

  10. It has a flat, even surface, with no slopes or holes.

  11. On a level similar to someone else's.

  12. The front and back are the same relatives.

Sentences of Level
  1. The contractor began leveling the floor of the new plant

  2. He turned his shotgun on himself when apprehended by a police officer on the porch of the house where the shootings took place

  3. High unemployment rate

  4. I also used to accurately measure the level of the soul!

  5. Floodplain

  6. We have reached the flat ground

  7. His eyes are on the same level

  8. The car braked quickly, then quickly turned around until it was in my hand

Synonyms of Level

even out, level out, amount, point, make equal, flatten, steady, regularize, flush, train, unchanging, smooth out, balanced, direct, plumb, smooth, plane, constant, extent, size, degree, consistent, in line