Residual income

Residual income,

Definition of Residual income:

  1. Net profit that can be earned by investing more than the minimum profit (interest rate on temporary deposits).

  2. The rest of the income is a convention above the minimum return rate. Outstanding revenue is an internal measure of business performance that the company's management team uses to estimate the company's earnings compared to the minimum required performance. However, in the area of ​​personal finance, residual income is equal to the level of income of a person for whom compensation and personal expenses are paid.

  3. Proceeds from licensing fees paid to intellectual property owners such as fine arts, finance, music, patents, etc.

  4. Outstanding revenues measure net income, taking into account the cost of capital required to produce that income. Other conditions for outstanding income include economic value, economic benefits and extraordinary income.

How to use Residual income in a sentence?

  1. If your residual income is good, you may run certain risks with the funds you have raised.
  2. The remaining operating result is the remaining profit after payment of all capital expenditures. .
  3. In a capital appraisal, capital expenditures are calculated as capital multiplied by the cost of capital. .
  4. Examples of outstanding income include real estate, stocks, bonds, investment accounts and royalties.
  5. Residual income is often called passive income for an individual or company. .
  6. The rest of the personal income is not the result of work or hours of work. The primary purpose of generating sustainable income requires an initial investment of money or time.
  7. The rest of the investment income continues to flow, which is a pleasant surprise for a small forgotten investment.
  8. He wanted to know if we had any tax revenue after our holiday.

Meaning of Residual income & Residual income Definition

Residual Income,

What is Residual Income?

Residual income is the income that a person receives after completing an income generating job. Examples of hostels include low pay, low local people / ambulators, low revenues debt inset et de dividends, endless revenues de la vent by de consummation (continuous), lairless or others. In corporate finance, the residual income can be used as a measure of business performance. Alternatively, in the world of personal finance, residual income can be defined as most of the income earned after work or the income after all personal debts and obligations have been paid.

  • Outstanding personal income is not the result of work or hourly wages. It requires an initial investment of money or time with the primary goal of generating sustainable income.
  • Residual income for individuals and companies is often called passive income.
  • Examples of outstanding income include real estate, stocks, bonds, investment accounts and royalties.
  • In capital valuation, the investment is multiplied by the cost of capital in terms of equity.
  • Operating profit is the profit that remains after all capital expenditures have been paid.

Residual Income definition is: The portion of a person's income that remains after deducting taxes and housing expenses such as mortgages, bills, etc.

Literal Meanings of Residual Income


Meanings of Residual:
  1. The balance after other items has been deducted or adopted.

  2. Abandoned after losing majority or money

Sentences of Residual
  1. The danger of installing multiple programs and then re-installing them is that waste is often left behind.

  2. Lack of remaining residents

Synonyms of Residual

leftover, unused, remaining, unconsumed


Meanings of Income:
  1. Lents are mainly received for regular work or investment

Sentences of Income
  1. Have a good house and a decent income.

Synonyms of Income

emolument, stipend, salary, earnings, wages, pay, remuneration