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Resident Alien,

Resident Alien Definition:

A foreign resident is a foreign-born U.S. citizen who is not a U.S. citizen. A foreign resident is also known as a permanent resident or halal permanent resident, meaning that he or she is considered an immigrant who is legally and legally registered as a resident of the country. Foreigners must have a green card or pass a broad attendance test.

  • Resident foreigners are foreign Americans. Citizens living in the United States
  • Foreigners must have a green card or pass a broad attendance test.
  • In general, foreigners are taxed in the same way as Americans.

Foreign nationals who live and work legally in the United States but are not U.S. citizens. Residents are subject to foreign U.S. tax laws.

A simple definition of Resident Alien is: This is a person who is not a citizen, but a resident of the United States. Like US citizens, all your INCOMEs are taxed worldwide.

Literal Meanings of Resident Alien


Meanings of Resident:
  1. A person who lives in the same place permanently or on a long-term basis.

  2. Bachelor of Medicine in special practice under hospital supervision.

  3. Stay somewhere permanently.

Sentences of Resident
  1. He is currently working as a resident physician at another hospital and is awaiting the final outcome of the case.

  2. I have lived in Brazil for a long time

Synonyms of Resident

living, remaining, inhabitant, in residence, local, residing, staying


Meanings of Alien:
  1. Foreigners, especially unnatural citizens of the country in which they live.

  2. Owned by a foreign country.

Sentences of Alien
  1. Illegal aliens

  2. This is the fault of a foreign land in a foreign culture that they do not understand and do not arrogantly despise and will have to pay the price for their ignorance.

Synonyms of Alien

foreigner, stranger, foreign, outsider, non-native, incomer, immigrant, emigrant, overseas, foreign national, external, distant, newcomer, visitor, émigré, remote

Resident Alien,

How Do You Define Resident Alien?

A person is considered a foreign resident of another country if he or she lives in that country but is a citizen of another country.

If you take the Green Card Test or Substance Presence Test for the calendar year, you are a US taxpayer.