Resident Adjuster

Resident Adjuster,

Resident Adjuster Meanings:

A simple definition of Resident Adjuster is: Claims appraiser who handles claims in remote areas of the region.

Literal Meanings of Resident Adjuster


Meanings of Resident:
  1. A person who lives in the same place permanently or on a long-term basis.

  2. Bachelor of Medicine in special practice under hospital supervision.

  3. Stay somewhere permanently.

Sentences of Resident
  1. He is currently working as a resident physician at another hospital and is awaiting the final outcome of the case.

  2. I live in Brazil for a long time

Synonyms of Resident

living, residing, remaining, in residence, inhabitant, local, staying


Sentences of Adjuster
  1. The front seats offer height adjustments as well as labor support and arrests from both sides.

  2. Did you send an insurance specialist to check your car?

  3. The air suspension and height adjustment don't work well, which means that when the car is loaded, the rear suspension is so deep that walkers scrape the back.

  4. My husband has been managing my employer's claims since 2001.