Reserved But Not Enough (RBNE)

Reserved But Not Enough (RBNE),

How To Define Reserved But Not Enough (RBNE)?

  1. In self-insurance, money is required which adds to the provisions of claims that were not formally valid, but are generally known from experience.

Literal Meanings of Reserved But Not Enough (RBNE)


Meanings of Reserved:
  1. Express your feelings or opinions slowly.

  2. Received specifically for a particular use or person.

Sentences of Reserved
  1. He is a quiet man, almost silent

  2. Specific place

Synonyms of Reserved

quiet, prearranged, private, restrained, self-contained, self-restrained, spoken for, booked, taken, reticent


Meanings of But:
  1. It is used to introduce a sentence or clause that contradicts mention.

  2. It is said to be used to indicate an inability to do more than that.

  3. It is used to express reactions that express emotions such as surprise or anger.

  4. What to say was used after the apology.

  5. Without this problem

  6. Except it is not.

  7. Nothing but loneliness.

  8. Arguments against something.

  9. Outdoor space, especially in a two-room cabin.

Sentences of But
  1. Trapped but did not fall

  2. We can only sympathize

  3. But it's a tremendous economy!

  4. Sorry, but I can't pay you

  5. It never rains, but it does fall

  6. We have never been so poor in Texas

  7. He is just a reflection of his old self

  8. No, but - just get out of here

Synonyms of But

excepting, excluding, do other than, saving, other than, except for, bar, yet, simply, omitting, besides, save, save for, except, no more than, otherwise than, nothing but, merely, short of, with the exception of, aside from, barring, just, apart from, leaving out, only


Meanings of Not:
  1. It is used to make a negative with an auxiliary verb or "sen". It is used in various constructions along with other verbs.

  2. It is used as a short alternative to negative clauses.

  3. It is used to denote another word.

  4. It is used as a form of happiness to indicate that the next word or phrase is inverted.

  5. A single boolean variable operator, that is, when the variable is zero and vice versa.

  6. (Paper) is not hot pressed and its surface is slightly.

Sentences of Not
  1. He will not say

  2. I may regret it, but I have no hope

  3. No attempt was made

  4. The never-ending future

Synonyms of Not

slow, disinclined, reluctant, indisposed, not about, averse, not in the mood, loath


Meanings of Enough:
  1. As much or as necessary.

  2. As much or as necessary.

  3. As needed (used after an adjective, adjective or verb)

Sentences of Enough
  1. There are so many types it's hard to say

  2. You should eat enough to eat

  3. At that time, I was not old enough to vote

Synonyms of Enough

a sufficient amount of, a sufficient amount, sufficiently, plenty, passably, abundant, as much as necessary, adequately, sufficient, fairly, an adequate amount of, satisfactorily, reasonably, ample, an adequate amount, amply, the necessary, plenty of, tolerably, as much … as necessary, adequate