Definition of Reservation:

  1. Customers concluded arrangement with a goods or services supplier (carrier, hotel, restaurant, publisher, etc.) representing a completed sale. Also called booking or transaction.

  2. An area of land set aside for occupation by North American Indians or Australian Aborigines.

  3. A right or interest retained in an estate being conveyed.

  4. (in the Roman Catholic Church) the action of a superior of reserving to himself the power of absolution.

  5. The action of reserving something.

  6. A qualification to an expression of agreement or approval; a doubt.

Synonyms of Reservation

Doubt, Qualm, Scruple, Reserve, Preserve, Enclave, Sanctuary, Area, Territory, Indian reservation, Allowance, Appointment, Archives, Area, Arrangement, Bank, Bespeaking, Bird sanctuary, Booking, Briefing, Cession, Circumscription, Concession, Condition, Demur, Demurral, Demurrer, Employment, Engagement, Exception, Exemption, Extenuating circumstances, Forest preserve, Game reserve, Grain of salt, Grant, Hedge, Hedging, Hesitancy, Hesitation, Hiring, Holding back, Library, Limitation, Mental reservation, Modification, Museum, National forest, National park, Objection, Paradise, Park, Plot, Preengagement, Preserve, Provision, Proviso, Qualification, Qualm, Region, Reluctance, Reserve, Restriction, Retainment, Reticence, Salvo, Sanctuary, Scruple, Section, Special case, Special treatment, Specialness, Specification, State forest, Stipulation, Store, String, Strings, Taking on, Term, Terms, Territory, Tract, Waiver, Wilderness preserve, Wildlife preserve, Withholding

How to use Reservation in a sentence?

  1. I made a reservation at the hotel for me and my wife for the weekend, so we could spend time together and have good times.
  2. The retention of a right to enter the demised property will be a reservation.
  3. The reservation of positions for non-Americans.
  4. Sometimes people may want to make a reservation to buy a product on a certain day and you may take a down payment.
  5. The boys family live on a reservation.
  6. Some generals voiced reservations about making air strikes.
  7. We had the reservation in place to secure our business deal with the new supplier which was sure to increase our profits this quarter.

Meaning of Reservation & Reservation Definition

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