Resale Price Margin

Resale Price Margin,

How To Define Resale Price Margin?

  1. The definition of Resale Price Margin is: Gross margin is measured by the price at which goods purchased from third parties are resold to independent companies.

Literal Meanings of Resale Price Margin


Meanings of Resale:
  1. Sell ​​something you have already bought.

Sentences of Resale
  1. Upgrade to sell it


Meanings of Price:
  1. Determine how much you need to pay (to sell something)

  2. The amount that is given as an expectation, need, or payment of something.

  3. Unwanted experiences, events or actions that are necessary as conditions to achieve the desired goal

Sentences of Price
  1. The cost of watches in this range is 14.50

  2. Land can be sold at a higher price.

  3. The price of success is a day of debate

Synonyms of Price

penalty, assess, payment, total, sacrifice, forfeit, levy, selling price, result, fare, estimate, value, sum, forfeiture, assay, charge, fee, rate, amount, cost, toll, evaluate, set the price of, figure, put a price on, terms, asking price, fix the price of, appraise, consequence


Meanings of Margin:
  1. Set boundaries or boundaries.

  2. Deposit some amount to the broker (for account or transaction))

  3. The edge or edge of something.

  4. The amount for which something or less is obtained.

Sentences of Margin
  1. The leaves are described in yellow

  2. Proceeds from existing contracts support new contracts.

  3. East coast of the Indian Ocean

  4. Convinced to win with a lead of 17 points

Synonyms of Margin

bound, gap, bank, perimeter, edge, measure of difference, extremity, periphery, side, fringe, border, degree of difference, brim, amount, brink, majority, rim, verge, boundary, limits, difference