Res judicata

Res judicata,

Definition of Res judicata:

  1. Fundamental legal doctrine that, once a lawsuit is decided, the litigant parties are barred from raising the same issue again in the courts (unless material new evidence has become available). They are also barred from raising another issue arising from the same claim or transaction (or a series of claims or transactions) that could have been but was not raised in the decided suit. It is based on the principle that court cases cannot be allowed to go on for ever and must come to an end. Latin for, a thing adjudicated.

How to use Res judicata in a sentence?

  1. They could not bring up that issue again, which thy would probably do, thanks to something called the res judicata .
  2. The Res Judicata was enforced so there would be no double murder for the person was was possibly only missing.
  3. If you lose a case in court you will have to follow the res judicata and will not be able to press the issue again.

Meaning of Res judicata & Res judicata Definition