Definition of Requisition:

  1. Requests Initiate requests for specific actions and record those actions for additional reporting purposes. For example, when employees of a company need additional equipment, they will use the purchase order. Applications were made on paper forms, but now most companies use digital application processes that simplify the tracking process, including related inventory accounting. This type of application usually updates the inventory automatically for better control.

  2. Purchase request refers to the formal ordering process for a service or item, usually using a purchase order form or other standard document. The application process is the standard way to track and account for all applications in a company.

  3. Government decisions regarding the use of goods or materials.

  4. Necessary use or supply, including by order of the authorities and for military or public purposes.

  5. Sends written or regular user requests for goods or services (which are not available without a specific request) to the organization's purchasing department (or store). It usually contains the manufacturer's name or number and model, description, quantity and shipping date. This is also known as purchase demand.

Synonyms of Requisition

Desideration, Requirement, Overrun, Whistle for, Bespeak, Call forth, Prerequirement, Put in for, Adoption, Want, Take, Extortion, Extort, Put in requisition, Tribute, Ask for, Conjure, Take over, Take possession of, Recall, Demand, Take over, The needful, Need for, Address, Commandeer, Serve, Call up, Necessaries, Bidding, Appropriation, Cry for, Draft, Summon, Preemption, Call for, Notice, Occupy, Authorize, Take it all, Exaction, Order, Call together, Occupy, Expropriate, Squat on, Prepossession, Cite, Arrogate, Indent, Beck, Occasion, Heavy demand, Screw, Requisite, Send for, Hog, Make free with, Evoke, Usurp, Bare necessities, Colonize, Duty, Insistent demand, Convoke, Application, Mandate, Solicit, Send after, Tax, Colonization, Issue an ultimatum, Postulate, Indispensable, Warn, Authorization, Preempt, Take up, Takeover, Impetration, Nod, Challenge, Necessities, Petition, Preconization, Blackmail, Preoccupy, Appropriate, Conquer, Impost, Order up, Preoccupation, The necessary, Application, Take possession of, Nonnegotiable demand, Enslavement, Muster, Extortionate demand, Make application, Appropriate, Seize, Summon forth, Demand for, Rush, Convene, Expressed desire, Make a demand, Make a request, Place an order, Summons, Need, Call in, Exact, Bid come, Muster up, Assumption, Request, Assume, Page, Wish, Call, Taxing, Subpoena, Request, File for, Must, Adopt, Sit on, Imposition, Subjugate, Convocation, Rush order, Usurpation, Evocation, Preconize, Arrogation, Ask, Call out, Call back, Necessity, Apply for, Enslave, Occupation, Call, Contribution, Order, Monopolize, Commandeer, Prerequisite, Take all of, Conquest, Beg leave, Calling, Invoke, Conjure up, Calling forth, Voucher, Prepossess, Drain, Call away, Crave, Claim, Essential, Asking, Jump a claim, Desire, Desideratum, Must item, Make use of, Essentials, Require, Levy, Warning, Ultimatum, Taking over, Invocation, Clamor for, Beck and call, Impose, Confiscate, Subjugation, Summon up, Purchase order, Make a requisition

How to use Requisition in a sentence?

  1. I had to make many applications for staff and accommodation.
  2. The application process usually requires the use of a standard document called the application form to accompany the audit trail, although most forms are currently electronic.
  3. The government has taken over the demand for grain products at fixed prices.
  4. Sometimes, when buying an expensive product, the buyer fills out an order form to make sure everything is going well.
  5. Delivery requests are often used for better inventory control hours to purchase additional equipment, raw materials or working hours.
  6. The treasure is located where you must answer the king's request for access to the secret room.
  7. In order to buy the right product, the consumer filed a lawsuit against the company to effectively satisfy the consumer.
  8. A requirement is a formal requirement to acquire a product or service that is usually initiated by the company.

Meaning of Requisition & Requisition Definition