Definition of Repudiation:

  1. Denial of the truth or authenticity of something.

  2. The denial questioned the validity of the agreement and refused to comply with its terms. When investing, resistance in fixed income securities, especially government bonds, is more appropriate. A fixed income instrument is basically a contract in which the borrower lends a large sum of money to the principal in exchange for interest and principal payments as per a fixed schedule.

  3. Refusal occurs when the borrower refuses to fulfill the agreement and fails to make the agreed payments. With a fixed income instrument, there is always the possibility that the debtor may default, question the validity of the agreement, or refuse to pay. If the borrower refuses the contract, the investor risks losing all of his investment, unless he can use the borrower. However, in the case of government debt, there is often no way for the lending country to recover.

  4. Threats to reject or reject actions, intentions or agreements that have been accepted or accepted. Refusal is a violation of the agreement if the refusal to comply is clear and explicit and reaches the heart of the agreement.

  5. Reject suggestions or ideas.

Synonyms of Repudiation

Chucking, Palinode, Rejection, Disregard, Abnegation, Despisal, Recantation, Nonadmission, Abjurement, Discounting, Nonconsideration, Circumscription, Inadmissibility, Contempt, Putting away, Exclusion, Reneging, Declination, Boycott, Counter-culture, Ignoring, Disproof, Uncollectible, Passing by, Secession, Nonconformity, Contrary assertion, Embargo, Controversion, Throwing out, Dishonoring, Absolute contradiction, Blockade, Nondischarge of debts, Palinody, Injunction, Bad debt, Disclaimer, Difference, Unsaying, Contravention, Contradiction, Refutation, Revokement, Protest, Delinquency, Scouting, Delinquence, Minority opinion, Expatriation, Retention, Nonassent, Renunciation, Disaffirmation, Denial, Abrogation, Dissentience, Chucking out, Restriction, Narrowing, Nonconsent, Alienation, Retractation, Negative answer, Disparity, Diversity, Disavowal, Disclamation, Recusance, Prohibition, Nonacceptance, Dishonor, Deprivation, Disobedience, Disowning, Putting out, Negative, Despising, Rebuff, Recusancy, Dissension, Holding back, Forswearing, Dissidence, Disapproval, Crossing, Demarcation, Abjuration, Thumbs-down, Turndown, Nix, Disaccord, Withdrawal, Disownment, Default, Unwillingness, Bar, Dissatisfaction, Disallowance, Dissent, Impugnment, Withholding, Protested bill, Nonremittal, Nonobservance, Renouncement, Relegation, Lockout, Agreement to disagree, Disapprobation, Nonconcurrence, Declining, Negation, Nullification, Defection, Barring, Debarment, Preclusion, Declension, Nonpayment, Exception, Spurning, No, Apostasy, Dismissal, Ban, Dropping out, Annulment, Refusal, Revocation, Repulse, Turning out, Debarring, Retraction, Declinature, Nonapproval, Gainsaying, Disagreement, Countering, Nonagreement, Discard, Omission, Opposition, Underground, Noncompliance, Taboo, Nay, Variance

How to use Repudiation in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes, other companies try to reject deals that you think are closed, which can be a big problem.
  2. Rejecting reformist policy.
  3. We were affected by the denial of our rights under the agreement. I wonder if the legal team is trying to do that.
  4. The client's rejection of my proposal was much more than an attempt to make the plan a reality.

Meaning of Repudiation & Repudiation Definition