Definition of Republican:

  1. A member of the American political party formed in the 1850s by a splinter group of Democrats who firmly opposed slavery. Today, Republicans are advocates for free markets, smaller government and individual responsibility as a way to achieve prosperity and opportunity for all.

Synonyms of Republican

Absolute, Aristocratic, Authoritarian, Autocratic, Autonomous, Bureaucratic, Civic, Civil, Constitutional, Democratic, Despotic, Dictatorial, Fascist, Federal, Federalist, Federalistic, Governmental, Gubernatorial, Heteronomous, Matriarchal, Matriarchic, Monarchal, Monarchial, Monarchic, Monocratic, Official, Oligarchal, Oligarchic, Parliamentarian, Parliamentary, Patriarchal, Patriarchic, Pluralistic, Political, Self-governing, Theocratic, Totalitarian

Meaning of Republican & Republican Definition