Definition of Repossession:

  1. Forced or voluntary surrender of purchased merchandise to its owner or seller by its buyer, due to his or her inability to pay.

  2. Legal process by which a lender takes possession of assets or property pledged as collateral in case of borrower default.

Synonyms of Repossession

Disendowment, Disherison, Disinheritance, Disownment, Dispossession, Disseisin, Eviction, Expropriation, Foreclosure, Ransom, Recapture, Reclaiming, Reclamation, Recoup, Recoupment, Recovery, Recuperation, Redemption, Regainment, Reoccupation, Replevin, Replevy, Repossessing, Restoration, Resumption, Retake, Retaking, Retrieval, Retrieve, Revindication, Revival, Salvage, Trover

Meaning of Repossession & Repossession Definition