Definition of Repository:

  1. Storage for indefinite or permanent placement. In comparison, a depository is in which something is placed to be taken out later.

Synonyms of Repository

Fort Knox, Acquaintance, Advocate, Alter ego, Archives, Armory, Arsenal, Attic, Backer, Bank, Basement, Bay, Best friend, Bin, Bonded warehouse, Bookcase, Bosom friend, Box, Brother, Bunker, Bursary, Buttery, Cargo dock, Cash register, Cashbox, Casual acquaintance, Cellar, Chest, Close acquaintance, Close friend, Closet, Coffer, Coin box, Confidant, Confidante, Conservatory, Crate, Crib, Cupboard, Depository, Depot, Dock, Drawer, Dump, Exchequer, Familiar, Favorer, Fellow, Fellow creature, Fellowman, Fisc, Friend, Glory hole, Godown, Gold depository, Hold, Hutch, Inseparable friend, Intimate, Library, Locker, Lover, Lumber room, Lumberyard, Magasin, Magazine, Money chest, Neighbor, Other self, Partisan, Penny bank, Pickup, Piggy bank, Pork barrel, Public crib, Public till, Public treasury, Public trough, Rack, Repertory, Reservoir, Rick, Safe, Safe-deposit box, Shelf, Stack, Stack room, Stock room, Storage, Store, Storehouse, Storeroom, Strong room, Strongbox, Subtreasury, Supply base, Supply depot, Supporter, Sympathizer, Tank, Till, Treasure house, Treasure room, Treasure-house, Treasury, Vat, Vault, Warehouse, Well-wisher, Wine cellar

Meaning of Repository & Repository Definition