Reporting Type

Reporting Type,

Definition of Reporting Type:

  1. Definition of Reporting Type: A simple transaction type that combines all common ledger transactions based on the latest balance.

Literal Meanings of Reporting Type


Meanings of Reporting:
  1. Give an oral or written account of what you have observed, heard, done or investigated.

  2. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

  3. Responsible for (manager or supervisor)

  4. Representation of a particular article, including in the form of official documents, after a thorough investigation or review of a particular person or institution.

  5. Information that is not supported by strong evidence.

  6. A sudden loud noise or something like an explosion or a shot

  7. An employee who is dependent on other employees.

  8. Reputation of someone or something.

Sentences of Reporting
  1. The Minister reported a decline in milk production

  2. Stuart should be in the experimental office on Monday

  3. President's Annual Report

  4. Rumors are circulating that the president will step down

  5. All our horses are very friendly and listening. 22 Reports

Synonyms of Reporting

information, turn up, crack, announce, outline, word, record, reputation, arrive, intimation, name, stature, detail, clock in, character, blast, account, describe, appear, bang, tell of, intelligence, present oneself


Meanings of Type:
  1. Types of people or things with common characteristics.

  2. A person or thing that symbolizes or describes the ideal nature of something.

  3. Hidden letters or letters

  4. Pull on each side of the medal or coin.

  5. Summary Categories or classes of elements or linguistic units that differ from the original form of language or writing.

  6. Type (something) by pressing the keys on the typewriter or computer.

  7. Determine your type (person, blood or tissue).

  8. Box holders

Sentences of Type
  1. This type of heater dryer grows best in homes

  2. He highlighted his spiritual words as a kind of modern wisdom

  3. Bold or slanted

  4. The terms [dog], [cat], [horse] and [animal] occupy this kind of abstract area.

  5. Write a second draft

  6. Typed kidney

Synonyms of Type

exemplar, print, essence, strain, face, order, family, category, set, paradigm, kind, typeface, class, species, quintessence, sort, bracket, characters, genus, genre, lettering, avatar, group