Definition of Reply:

  1. A verbal or written answer.

  2. Plaintiffs written response to a defense or counterclaim.

  3. Say something in response to something someone has said.

Synonyms of Reply

ESP, Acknowledge, Acknowledgment, Action and reaction, Advocate, Allege in support, Answer, Answer back, Answering, Antiphon, Approach, Argue for, Argument, Assert, Automatic reaction, Autonomic reaction, Back answer, Back talk, Backchat, Billet, Boomerang, Bounceback, Business letter, Champion, Chit, Come back, Come back at, Come in, Comeback, Commerce, Communicate with, Communication, Communion, Congress, Connection, Contact, Contend for, Conversation, Converse, Correspond, Correspondence, Counter, Counterblast, Counterblow, Counterstatement, Counterstroke, Dealing, Dealings, Defend, Defense, Demurrer, Denial, Dispatch, Echo, Epistle, Espouse, Establish connection, Evasive reply, Exception, Exchange, Favor, Flash back, Get to, Give acknowledgment, Give answer, Give-and-take, Information, Interaction, Interchange, Intercommunication, Intercommunion, Intercourse, Interplay, Interrogate, Letter, Line, Linguistic intercourse, Maintain, Maintain connection, Make a plea, Make advances, Make contact with, Make overtures, Make up to, Message, Missive, Note, Objection, Plea, Plead for, Pleading, Predictable response, Question, Raise, Reach, React, Reaction, Ready reply, Rebut, Rebuttal, Receipt, Reciprocation, Recoil, Reecho, Reflection, Reflex, Reflex action, Refluence, Reflux, Refutation, Refute, Rejoin, Rejoinder, Relate to, Repartee, Replication, Reply to, Repost, Rescript, Rescription, Respond, Respond to, Respondence, Response, Responsion, Responsory, Retaliation, Retort, Retroaction, Return, Return answer, Return for answer, Reverberate, Reverberation, Revulsion, Riposte, Rise, Say, Say in defense, Say in reply, Shoot back, Short answer, Snap back, Snappy comeback, Social intercourse, Speak for, Speak up for, Speaking, Special demurrer, Special pleading, Speech, Speech circuit, Speech situation, Stand up for, Statement of defense, Stick up for, Support, Sustain, Take the bait, Talk back, Talking, Telepathy, Touch, Traffic, Truck, Two-way communication, Unthinking response, Uphold, Urge reasons for, Witty reply, Witty retort, Yes-and-no answer, Respond, Answer, Say in response, Rejoin, Return, Answer, Response, Acknowledgement, Rejoinder, Return, Reaction

How to use Reply in a sentence?

  1. I received a reply from the firms managing director.
  2. He was gone before we could reply to his last remark.

Meaning of Reply & Reply Definition

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What is The Meaning of Reply?

  1. Reply means, One party's response to the allegations made in defense by the other party.

Meanings of Reply

  1. Say something in response to someone's request.

  2. Oral or written answers

Sentences of Reply

  1. Before we respond to his last comment.

  2. I received a reply from the General Manager.

Synonyms of Reply

hurl back, retaliate, fling back, clapback


How To Define Reply?

  • One party responds to allegations made in defense by the other party.

Sentences of Reply

  1. He left before responding to her last comment.