Definition of Replication:

  1. Observations were made under similar circumstances.

  2. Doubling or doubling test results at another location or time.

Synonyms of Replication

Receipt, Weismannism, Snappy comeback, Replica, Repartee, Duplication, RNA, Contraremonstrance, Rebuttal, Reproduction, Facsimile, Weismann theory, Heredity, Verworn theory, Yes-and-no answer, Counterstatement, Ingemination, Genetics, Chromatid, Surrebutter, Return, Answering, Conduplication, Riposte, Repost, Eugenics, Reaction, Chromatin, Wiesner theory, Antiphon, Genetic code, Clone, Twinning, Duplicate, Defense, Response, Inborn capacity, Back talk, Inheritance, Galtonian theory, Counteraccusation, Witty reply, Acknowledgment, Comeback, Triplicate, Determinant, Factor, Rescription, Rescript, Altmann theory, Counterblast, Reverberation, Repetition, Surrebuttal, Birth, Reply, Inheritability, Gemination, Surrejoinder, Back answer, Reduplication, Short answer, DNA, Matrocliny, Rejoinder, Recessive character, Mendelianism, Responsory, Ditto, Ready reply, Endowment, Character, Echo, Respondence, Doubling, Genesiology, Mendelism, Patrocliny, Witty retort, Rebutter, Counterclaim, Pharmacogenetics, Heritage, Counterpart, Chromosome, Counterreply, Copying, Refutation, Countercharge, Evasive reply, Reiteration, Allele, Model, Double, Diathesis, Retort, Responsion, Determiner, Answer, Imitation, Heritability, Allelomorph, Backchat, Hereditability, Representation, De Vries theory, Confutation, Dupe, Gene, Quadruplicate, Iteration

Meaning of Replication & Replication Definition