Definition of Replevin:

  1. The legal process involves the recovery of personal property (personal property) that has been confiscated or confiscated and returned to the applicant for security purposes until the court decides who the legal owner is.

  2. A procedure by which the confiscated goods can be temporarily returned to their owner with a delay as a result of an action to determine the rights of the parties involved.

Synonyms of Replevin

Getting back, Retake, Hock, Recover, Replevy, Attach, Collectivize, Reclaiming, Mainprise, Retrieval, Pledge, Repossession, Recovery, Ransom, Reoccupy, Revival, Repossess, Revindication, Press, Expropriate, Resume, Levy, Restoration, Impress, Retaking, Redemption, Recouping, Handsel, Restore, Reoccupation, Hostage, Retaking, Nationalize, Regainment, Regaining, Reclamation, Take back, Communize, Recapture, Gage, Communalize, Repossession, Pawn, Retrieve, Distrain, Redemption, Bond, Earnest, Undertaking, Token payment, Impound, Vadium, Reclaim, Renovate, Recognizance, Garnish, Salvage, Surety, Trover, Escrow, Redeem, Revindicate, Recuperate, Regain, Resumption, Confiscate, Earnest money, Sequester, Recoup, Bail, Recoupment, Annex, Reclamation, Recuperation, Recapture, Revive, Commandeer, Socialize, Retrieval, Vadimonium, Sequestrate, Get back, Pignus

How to use Replevin in a sentence?

  1. The word "clothing" refers to the tenant's ability to recover property that has been confiscated.

Meaning of Replevin & Replevin Definition