Definition of Replenish:

  1. Fill (something) up again.

  2. To rebuild the amount of money that is supposed to be available for petty cash funds. For example, if $50 was taken from the petty cash fund in one month, then in the following month, $50 should be put back into petty cash.

Synonyms of Replenish

Refill, Top up, Fill up, Recharge, Reload, Accommodate, Accomplish, Afford, Bring to completion, Bring to fruition, Clothe, Complete, Contribute, Donate, Eke out, Endow, Fill, Fill in, Fill out, Fill up, Find, Fulfill, Fund, Furnish, Give, Give back, Invest, Keep, Maintain, Make available, Make good, Make provision for, Make up, Mature, Piece out, Place in, Prepare, Present, Provide, Provide for, Put back, Reactivate, Reconstitute, Reconvert, Recruit, Reenact, Reestablish, Refill, Reform, Rehabilitate, Reinstall, Reinstate, Reinstitute, Reintegrate, Reinvest, Renew, Replace, Restore, Return, Revest, Round out, Stock, Store, Subsidize, Supply, Support, Top off, Yield

How to use Replenish in a sentence?

  1. He replenished Justins glass with mineral water.

Meaning of Replenish & Replenish Definition