Definition of Repeal:

  1. Repeal of laws (s) that empower those who support them. An earlier repeal by a new law occurs when it is announced by a new law or when the two are incompatible.

  2. Cancel or Cancel (Congress Act or Act).

  3. Steps to repeal or repeal congressional laws or practices.

Synonyms of Repeal

Renege, Overruling, Quash, Counterorder, Lift, Nullify, Withdrawal, Overriding, Abolish, Vacate, Retract, Abrogation, Countermand, Setting aside, Disannul, Retraction, Invalidation, Reverse, Write off, Recall, Render invalid, Abrogation, Reversal, Overrule, Invalidate, Retract, Override, Cancellation, Revocation, Annulment, Revoke, Rescinding, Undo, Abolish, Void, Invalidation, Withdraw, Annihilate, Declare null and void, Annulment, Annul, Overrule, Abolition, Rescindment, Voiding, Waive, Nullification, Override, Rescindment, Bring to naught, Abolition, Withdraw, Void, Reversal, Rescission, Suspend, Quashing, Make void, Voiding, Do away with, Negate, Revoke, Abrogate, Invalidate, Countermand, Annul, Revocation, Reverse, Countermanding, Set aside, Dismantle, Recant, Cancel, Set aside, Negative, Cancel, Nullify, Abrogate, Nullification, Make void, Cancellation, Rescind, Rescind

How to use Repeal in a sentence?

  1. The house decided to demolish itself.
  2. The law was repealed five months later.

Meaning of Repeal & Repeal Definition