Definition of Repair:

  1. General: Restoration of a broken, damaged, or failed device, equipment, part, or property to an acceptable operating or usable condition or state. See also beyond economic repair, major repair, normal repair, and repairability.

  2. Quality control: Action taken on a non-conforming product so that it fulfills its designed (intended) function, whether or not conforming to the original specifications.

Synonyms of Repair

Adjust, Adjustment, Amends, Apply, Atone, Atone for, Bad condition, Brighten up, Brush up, Case, Cobble, Commission, Compensate, Compensation, Condition, Correction, Darn, Do up, Doctor, Estate, Expiate, Fare, Fettle, Fitness, Fix, Fix up, Fixing, Form, Freshen, Furbish, Furbish up, Give satisfaction, Go, Good condition, Hie, Improvement, Journey, Kilter, Live down, Make amends, Make compensation, Make good, Make matters up, Make reparation, Make right, Make up for, Making right, Mend, Mending, Nick, Order, Overhaul, Overhauling, Pass, Patch, Patch up, Pay the forfeit, Pay the penalty, Polish, Polish up, Proceed, Process, Propitiate, Push on, Put in commission, Put in order, Put in repair, Put in shape, Put right, Ready, Rebuild, Recap, Recompense, Recondition, Reconstruct, Rectification, Recur, Redeem, Redress, Refer, Remedy, Renew, Renewal, Renovate, Renovation, Repairing, Reparation, Restoration, Restore, Retouch, Retread, Revamp, Revive, Rub up, Run, Satisfaction, Satisfy, Service, Set right, Set to rights, Sew up, Shape, Shine, Spruce, Spruce up, Square it, Square things, State, Tinker, Tinker up, Tone up, Touch up, Travel, Trim, Troubleshooting, Turn, Vamp, Vamp up, Wend

How to use Repair in a sentence?

  1. The old bridge going from Newport, KY to Cincinnati, OH is in so much need of repair that President Obama came to speak about it.
  2. You should always make sure that you get any repair needed done as soon as possible to get back running quickly.
  3. When the pictures of him frolicking nude on a French beach with Bernie Madoff surfaced, Bob knew his reputation, and that of his company, was completely beyond repair .

Meaning of Repair & Repair Definition