Rental Reimbursement Coverage Endorsement

Rental Reimbursement Coverage Endorsement,

How To Define Rental Reimbursement Coverage Endorsement?

  • Meaning of Rental Reimbursement Coverage Endorsement: Optional commercial car insurance driver (CA 99 23) who will cover the extra amount to rent a car in case of any damage to the cover. The coverage of this notice is in addition to other coverage available for bodily harm and is not deductible.

Literal Meanings of Rental Reimbursement Coverage Endorsement


Meanings of Rental:
  1. Paid or received as rent.

  2. Relative or rental.

Sentences of Rental
  1. Nominal rent

  2. Property for Rent

Synonyms of Rental

hire charge, rental


Meanings of Reimbursement:
  1. Pay the person who spent or lost the money.


Meanings of Coverage:
  1. To the extent that something refers to something else or applies to something else.


Meanings of Endorsement:
  1. An act of public approval or support of something or something.

  2. A clause in an insurance policy that specifies an exclusion or change in coverage.

  3. The act of confirming the exchange of a check or bill.

Sentences of Endorsement
  1. The issue of complete independence was widely supported

  2. Get additional help and insurance certificates from independent contractors who manage the program on your behalf or come to your convenience

Synonyms of Endorsement

recommendation, support, agreement, backing, acceptance, championship, seal of approval, patronage, approval, advocacy