Rental Car Coverage

Rental Car Coverage,

Rental Car Coverage:

The rental company damages the rental car and / or the liability against the accident resulting from the accident that the tenant owned the car while the tenant company insured the car's tenant. Additional coverage acquired. Driver's private car policies generally offer liability insurance and can cover damage to the rental car, and leasehold comprehensive and collision insurance can cover rental car damage. However, if you do not have adequate insurance or car insurance, the driver may need to get insurance from a rental company.

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Meanings of Rental:
  1. Paid or received as rent.

  2. Relative or rental.

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  1. Nominal rent

  2. Property for Rent

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rental, hire charge


Meanings of Car:
  1. A four-wheeled road vehicle that is machine driven and can carry very few people.

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  1. He got into the car

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machine, motor, automobile