Definition of Rent:

  1. General: Tenants (or tenants) paid the owners (or landlords) compensation for the use or possession of the property.

  2. Pay to use someone (something, usually property, land or car).

  3. Permanent tenant payments to landlords for the use of the property.

  4. Economy: The distance created by the supply of resources (capital, human, natural) exceeds the amount of resources required to produce or produce. See also economic lease.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Rent


Synonyms of Rent

Job, Slit, Lease, Fault, Tear, Quitrent, Passage, Ope, Void, Mutilated, Breach, Lease, Charter, Canyon, Wrench, Third-degree burn, Sore, Gaping, Gulf, Rental, Chink, Fissury, Deteriorated, Scissure, Rent-roll, Flume, Gulch, Wadi, Cleuch, Broach, Excavation, Second-degree burn, Rack rent, Riven, Slash, Chafe, Coulee, Crevasse, Embittered, Imperfect, Fee, Slice, Laceration, Hire out, Seam, Divaricate, Blemish, Burn, Shattered, Spread out, Rime, Tap, Draw, Splinter, Scald, Rimulose, Part, Weakened, Open, Smashed, Joint, Broken, In pieces, Lacerate, Lease-lend, Sublease, Furrow, Box canyon, Farm out, Moat, Donga, Kloof, Lay open, Puncture, Schism, Fly open, Gappy, Break, Chap, Dike, Leak, Crevice, Quartered, Gall, Chip, Ditch, Arroyo, Cleft, Cleave, Burned, Ravine, Incision, Cut, Cwm, Stab, Charter, Breakage, Slashed, Fissure, Opening, In bits, Hire, Farm, Worse off, Hire, Burst, Dehiscent, Scuff, Mortal wound, Scorch, Rip, In shreds, Hiring, Trench, Concussion, Chipped, Slot, Scorched, Hole, Craze, Tear open, Rent out, Chimney, Chasm, Swing open, Abyss, Incise, Clough, Abrasion, Fracture, Ruptured, Stab wound, Scratch, Rent charge, Cranny, Exacerbated, Harmed, Lesion, Injured, Checked, Hurt, Col, The worse for, Rimose, Mangled, Cracked, Rive, Lease-back, Flaw, Sprung, Lend-lease, Rental, Bareboat charter, Dispart, Chinky, Torn, Nullah, Defile, Irritated, Couloir, Cut open, Valley, Cut apart, Injury, Crack, Tattered, Mutilation, Pass, Run, Dell, Damaged, Scale, Let, Impaired, Splintered, Gape, Groove, Flash burn, Frazzle, Scalded, Subrent, Divide, Sublet, Hire charge, Spread, Worse, Ragged, In shards, Busted, Fray, Crazed, Gash, Abysm, Cloven, Aggravated, Let off, Crackle, Wounds immedicable, Severed, Lease out, Lacerated, Throw open, Rupture, Split, Open up, Cavity, Rift, Notch, Gorge, Fissured, Underlet, Gap, Gully, Spring open, Trauma, Worsened, Shredded, Separate, Wound, Let out, Check, Scrape

How to use Rent in a sentence?

  1. My rent runs out that day, so I need money and I can't go out with my friends because it took me a long time to get it.
  2. They rented a house together in Spain.
  3. When you buy an apartment or buy electronic goods from a rental company, you have to pay a fee known as rent. Often, rent is a monthly fee to access something.
  4. You should try to negotiate the cost of paying the rent, so that you can save a little money each month.
  5. Instead of receiving monthly rent, most landlords collect large sums of money from tenants, often hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Meaning of Rent & Rent Definition

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