What is The Definition of Rent-a-captive?

  • An agreement under which the insurer leases premises for an outside organization, and provides the prisoner with benefits offered without financial liability that the prisoner wants. For a fee (usually one percent of the tenant's premium), some inmates pledge to provide non-profit organizations with underwriting, assessment, claims management, accounting, insurance and financial education services. . Attachments

  • The definition of Rent-a-captive is: A special type of company property insurance designed for companies that do not want people to own the company, but want to take some advantage of the insurance that they want to offer insurance. Rentacaptio was founded by a group of investors and operates as a revenue generating company. Policyholders wish to participate so that they can rent a place in captivity instead of making and activating their own insurance.

Literal Meanings of Rent-a-captive


Meanings of Rent:
  1. Permanent tenant payments to landlords for the use of the property.

  2. Pay someone to use it (anything, usually property, land or car)

  3. A big tear on a piece of cloth.

  4. Participation in the past and participation in the past

Sentences of Rent
  1. Instead of receiving a monthly rent, most landlords usually have to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars from tenants.

  2. They rented a house together in Spain

  3. Eddie was surprised at the rent on the roof of the store

Synonyms of Rent

hire charge, rental, hire, lease, charter, rip, tear, split, hole, gash, slash, slit, opening, perforation


Meanings of A:
  1. Used when you first mention someone or something in a text message or conversation.

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Sentences of A
  1. One man left the room

  2. He is a lawyer

  3. Write 60 words per minute


Meanings of Captive:
  1. A person who has been caught or an animal has been trapped.

  2. Blocked or blocked.

Sentences of Captive
  1. A policeman is handcuffed in custody

  2. Prisoners of war are kept on the property

Synonyms of Captive

prisoner, convict, detainee, inmate, confined, caged, incarcerated, locked up, penned up