Definition of Remit:

  1. Activities or areas of activity that are formally assigned to an individual or organization.

  2. The item has been sent to someone for review.

  3. (Question for decision) Consult the authorities.

  4. Payment for goods or services

  5. (Cash) Send as payment or gift.

  6. Cancel or stop asking or confronting (accusing or punishing)

  7. ■■■

Synonyms of Remit

Forward, Free, Territory, Abrogate, Exempt, Extenuate, Prepay, Repeal, Ease, Guerdon, Practice self-control, Scope, Tender, Shelve, Pay, Give in charge, Let up, Relax, Send off, Area of responsibility, Dismiss, Transfer, Liquidate, Department, Airfreight, Dispatch, Ship, Extradite, Commit, Give in trust, Embark, Grant forgiveness, Set aside, Province, Transmit, Dispense with, Lessen, Not resist, Nonpros, Pass, Moderate, Settle down, Assign, Quash the charge, Be pacifistic, Turf, Mitigate, Ease up, Unstring, Slack off, Weaken, Postpone, Keep within compass, Practice nonviolence, Vindicate, Hold off, Destigmatize, Send, Repatriate, Stay, Let off, Loose, Absolve, Amnesty, Keep within bounds, Export, Drop a letter, Recompense, Compensate, Grant amnesty to, Give dispensation from, Trust, Commit to prison, Hand on, Suspend, Unbend, Relegate, Forgive, Unbrace, Send up, Diminish, Take back, Ease up, Set free, Orbit, Send on, Send forth, Reward, Refer, Mail, Abate, Ease off, Post, Exempt from, Delay, Route, Direct, Remunerate, Pay by installments, Salary, Acquit, Diminish, Send back, Send away, Lessen, Whitewash, Reduce, Commit, Prorogue, Fee, Pass on, Give back, Pay on, Withdraw the charge, Strike a balance, Address, Entrust, Clear, Restore, Intermit, Settle, Airmail, Forward, Exculpate, Dwindle, Convey, Ambit, Rescind, Infeudate, Subside, Recommit, Let down, Wane, Be moderate, Express, Loosen, Shrive, Subside, Ebb, Release, Entrust, Consign, Confide, Hold up, Exonerate, Be conservative, Bate, Save the necessity, Realm, Delegate, Institutionalize, Decrease, Transmit, Slacken, Render, Expedite, Live temperately, Sober down, Slake, Condone, Remand, Discharge, Cancel, Put back, Spare, Unstrain, Grant remission, Put off, Ebb, Dilute, Grant immunity, Satisfy, Dispense from, Decrease, Take in sail, Slack up, Alleviate, Water down, Assuage, Remise, Relent, Pardon, Revoke, Return, Slack, Excuse, Not make waves, Abate, Commend, Keep the peace, Except, Send, Decontaminate, Dwindle, Fall off, Send to jail, Area of activity, Purge, Let go, Freight, Air-express, Indemnify, Dispatch, Assign, Enfeoff, Bring back, Justify, Give absolution, Sphere, Ease, Attenuate

How to use Remit in a sentence?

  1. Phobias can disappear without treatment.
  2. The Committee deals with matters which are beyond its jurisdiction.
  3. The income they give to their families.
  4. The investigation was referred to a special commission.
  5. Sentences over 12 months old were released.

Meaning of Remit & Remit Definition