Definition of Remedy:

  1. The place where the coin is mapped may differ from the fine and standard weight.

  2. Law: For example, legal means to close or resolve a complaint. B. Compensation or court order.

  3. Common: Reducing, eliminating, or eliminating the undesirable effects of a condition, illness, condition, or problem.

  4. Medication or treatment of illness or injury.

  5. Slide right (unwanted situation)

Synonyms of Remedy

Easement, Softening, Mitigate, Reform, Offices, Ministration, Befriend, Recompense, Bring round, Lend a hand, Redress, Treat, Treatment, Countermeasure, Make good, Nurse, Antacid, Compensate, Diminishment, Protect, Put right, Ease, Correct, Healing, Treatment, Counterstep, Offset, Medicament, Anesthesia, Rectification, Cure, Diagnose, Relief, Doctor, Amends, Physic, Ministry, Therapy, Plaster, Dulling, Elixir, Support, Medication, Prophylactic, Ameliorate, Make right, Do good, Give a lift, Make good, Cure, Nullifier, Medicine, Numbing, Restorative, Medicament, Take in tow, Protection, Restore to health, Render assistance, Flux, Put to rights, Set right, Buffer, Mending, Poultice, Analgesia, Save, Operate on, Palliation, Neutralizer, Succor, Assistance, Fixing, Rescue, Bear a hand, Abatement, Repair, Mend, Counteractive, Lend one aid, Set right, Mend, Assist, Nostrum, Work a cure, Restore, Correct, Bathe, Office, Troubleshooting, Solution, Give satisfaction, Give a hand, Set straight, Redeem, Allayment, Benefit, Abet, Emend, Avail, Reduction, Minister to, Prescription, Panacea, Bandage, Aid, Straighten out, Pharmacon, Recure, Rub, Bail out, Favor, Sort out, Corrective, Repairing, Medicinal, Massage, Satisfaction, Revive, Anesthetizing, Drug, Fix, Overhaul, Set to rights, Remunerate, Assuagement, Put to rights, Purge, Pharmaceutical, Comfort, Make all square, Set up, Counterirritant, Subduement, Lessening, Overhauling, Diminution, Reparation, Medication, Put in order, Resolve, Splint, Straighten out, Alleviate, Mitigation, Bring around, Set to rights, Correction, Alleviation, Soothing, Compensation, Amend, Restorative, Cure-all, Heal, Drug, Counteractant, Control, Give a boost, Rectify, Answer, Put right, Right, Relieve, Deal with, Specific, Easing, Pay reparations, Care for, Antidote, Soothe, Improve, Right, Solve, Deadening, Preventive, Strap, Salving, Making right, Curing, Pull round, Appeasement, Medicine, Rally, Repair, Reclaim, Prescribe, Resuscitate, Redress, Good offices, Give help, Proffer aid, Help, Rectify, Counteragent, Preventative, Requite, Retrieve, Put straight, Service, Give care to, Lulling, Mollification

How to use Remedy in a sentence?

  1. Herbal Remedies for Pain
  2. If the problem is obvious, it will be too late to fix it.

Meaning of Remedy & Remedy Definition


Remedy Definition:

  • Legal or judicial means by which rights or privileges are applied or violations of rights or privileges are prevented, corrected or compensated.

Meanings of Remedy

  1. Medication or treatment of illness or injury.

  2. The place where the coin is mapped may differ from the fine and standard weight.

  3. Right (an unwanted situation)

Sentences of Remedy

  1. Herbal Remedies for Pain

  2. When the problem is clear, it may be too late to fix it.