Remedio Para Secar Leite De Cadela

Remedio Para Secar Leite De Cadela

My goat is drinking milk without being pregnant. Does anyone know the antidote? 3

Your ■■■■■ has pseudosis ... and this; but it seems so.

When a tire has a brain pregnancy there is a chance of getting ■■■■■■ cancer and it increases ridiculously !!! There is also a possibility of pyometra (uterine infection), which is 100% in the estuary.

* Contralake does not give ... the power to detect serious side effects ... there is no natural and myopathic treatment that is not so dangerous.

Mild does not go to the vet or consult for treatment and he already has castration (the only thing to avoid is that he has recurrence and develops more cancer and pyometra) ...

Psychological pregnancy brings physical pain and emotional support to the animal .. Don't let it hurt ...

Take it without a doctor and good luck

I have this about ABSURD, does anyone care who wants to treat me or not? Everyone knows you should see a doctor. Not cheap, yet medicine? It has not gotten worse, nor has Generics alone changed the health of animals with the advent of the pharmaceutical industry.

She is with pessological pregnancy as a normal cave to not employ compresses. Or treatment for drying or milk for little ■■■■■ and Contralac 05 and Contralac 20 for big ■■■■■. This plaster is not cheap.

My dog ​​is already mentally ill.

Yes, there is a fear of knowing more than dosime, but after the heat it will have a better solution and castration again or no way, continue the symptom of cancer with the power of uterine disease cha pyometra. Born professionally.

Beijing !!!

Hey, I am a doctor or whatever medicine you want, the baby is dry or dry, but the mental pregnancy ends with anxiety. Go to the veterinary clinic and speak respectfully. There are veterinary medicines as well as myopathic medicines and other veterinary pharmacies, the physical examination should show the dose, according to the foot in your small pill. many years.

I had it, but we put a filter on it, she adopted, breastfed and was very happy ... but if not, or cam at the doctor. He slapped P. Amnia.

Or, ideally, in this case, you can take the animal to a veterinarian to identify the right or correct medicine. I want to get more news from your Kikra, contact me for that. My email is open.

Because our taste is common: Animals, what do you think? ª Inside and ask friends and parents what we gave or will give, you will be encouraged whether yes or helpless, I never wanted to explain myself or protect you.

Remedio Para Secar Leite De Cadela