Definition of Remediation:

  1. The action of remedying something, in particular of reversing or stopping environmental damage.

  2. Abatement, cleanup, or other method to contain or remove a hazardous substance from an environment.

How to use Remediation in a sentence?

  1. When they would be filling in their tax forms, they would know, just as we do with medical matters, they are specifically committing to environmental remediation and protection.
  2. With the increase of the use fossil fuels, the US government is looking into ways for a remediation to global warming.
  3. Remediation classes are important for students to have access to, in case they didnt get all the necessary information in their traditional high school classes.
  4. The remediation of the rainforest was very much needed due to the fact that so much of the forest had been destroyed by people who wanted to make a profit.

Meaning of Remediation & Remediation Definition