Definition of Remedial:

  1. Intended to correct a deficiency, fault, or mistake; lessen the effect or impact of an action, decision, or event; or remove a cause, source, or threat.

  2. Giving or intended as a remedy or cure.

Synonyms of Remedial

Adjuvant, Aidful, Alleviating, Alleviative, Alterative, Analeptic, Analgesic, Anesthetic, Anodyne, Assuasive, Balmy, Balsamic, Beneficial, Benumbing, Cathartic, Cleansing, Conducive, Constructive, Contributory, Corrective, Curative, Curing, Deadening, Demulcent, Dulling, Easing, Emollient, Furthersome, Good for, Healing, Helpful, Iatric, Lenitive, Medicative, Medicinal, Mitigating, Mitigative, Numbing, Pain-killing, Palliative, Positive, Profitable, Purgative, Relieving, Reparative, Reparatory, Restitutive, Restitutory, Restorative, Salutary, Sanative, Sanatory, Serviceable, Softening, Soothing, Subduing, Therapeutic, Theriac, Useful, Vulnerary, Wholesome, Healing, Curative, Curing, Remedial, Medicinal, Restorative, Health-giving, Tonic, Sanative, Reparative, Corrective, Ameliorative, Beneficial, Good, Salubrious, Salutary

How to use Remedial in a sentence?

  1. Remedial surgery.

Meaning of Remedial & Remedial Definition