Definition of Remand:

  1. Sending of a case by an appellate court back to the lower court for further action, reconsideration, or a new trial.

  2. A committal to custody.

  3. Place (a defendant) on bail or in custody, especially when a trial is adjourned.

  4. Commitment of a defendant to judicial custody after a bail application has been denied.

Synonyms of Remand

Imprison, Jail, Incarcerate, Send to prison, Put behind bars, Put under lock and key, Put in chains, Put into irons, Throw into irons, Clap in irons, Hold captive, Assign, Bring back, Commend, Commit, Commit to prison, Commitment, Committal, Confide, Consign, Consignment, Delegate, Enfeoff, Entrust, Extradite, Extradition, Give back, Give in charge, Give in trust, Giving back, Infeudate, Institutionalize, Mittimus, Put back, Recommit, Recommitment, Reddition, Relegate, Remandment, Remit, Remitter, Rendition, Repatriate, Repatriation, Restitution, Restoration, Restore, Restoring, Return, Send back, Send to jail, Send up, Sending back, Take back, Trust, Custody, Imprisonment, Confinement, Incarceration, Internment, Captivity, Restraint, Arrest, House arrest, Remand, Committal

How to use Remand in a sentence?

  1. I had a seventeen-year-old son remanded to a drug-addiction program.
  2. The prosecutor applied for a remand to allow forensic evidence to be investigated.

Meaning of Remand & Remand Definition