Definition of Relocation:

  1. Move to a new location and start your own home or business.

  2. Changes in the company's physical location. In the current situation, the company may move due to rising costs, better tax incentives elsewhere, changes in the target market or other reasons.

How to use Relocation in a sentence?

  1. After lengthy discussions about the possibility of change, our partners agreed that the planned 15% increase in profits was enough to move our headquarters three miles north.
  2. There are plans to move the national headquarters to Warwickshire.
  3. As business costs rose, management decided to relocate the factories.
  4. After the move, I thought the deal would be better for us, because we would be in a better area.

Meaning of Relocation & Relocation Definition



  • A simple definition of Relocation is: Moving business from one region or location to another

Meanings of Relocation

  1. Move to a new location and start a home or business there.