Definition of Relief:

  1. Benefit, compensation, or redress requested by a claimant or plaintiff from a court.

Synonyms of Relief

ADC, CYSP sculpture, Medicaid, Medicare, Abatement, Agent, Aid, Aid and comfort, Alimony, Allayment, Alleviation, Allotment, Allowance, Alterative, Alternate, Alternative, Anaglyph, Anaglyptics, Anaglyptography, Analeptic, Analogy, Annuity, Appeasement, Architectural sculpture, Assist, Assistance, Assuagement, Assurance, Auxiliaries, Backup, Balm, Balsam, Bas-relief, Bellying, Benefit, Benevolence, Boldness, Bone-carving, Boss, Bounty, Bout, Break, Bulging, Cameo, Cameo glass, Casting, Cavo-rilievo, Ceroplastics, Chance, Change, Changeling, Chasing, Clay sculpture, Clemency, Coffee break, Comfort, Commiseration, Comparison, Compassion, Condolence, Configuration, Consolation, Contour, Contrast, Copy, Corrective, Counterfeit, Cradle-to-grave security, Cure, Cut glass, Decorative sculpture, Delineation, Deliverance, Depletion allowance, Deputy, Disburdening, Disencumberment, Dole, Double, Downtime, Dummy, Earth art, Ease, Easement, Easing, Elevation, Embossing, Embossment, Eminence, Encouragement, Engraving, Equal, Equivalent, Ersatz, Exchange, Excrescence, Excrescency, Extrusion, Fake, Favor, Features, Feeling, Fellowship, Figuration, Figure, Fill-in, Financial assistance, Forbearance, Forgiveness, Founding, Framework, Garden sculpture, Gem-cutting, Gestalt, Ghost, Ghostwriter, Gibbosity, Gibbousness, Glass sculpture, Glyph, Glyptic, Glyptograph, Go, Good offices, Grace, Grant, Grant-in-aid, Guaranteed annual income, Guaranteed income, Half time, Half-time intermission, Hand, Healing agent, Healing quality, Health insurance, Help, High relief, Holiday, Humanity, Imitation, Inning, Innings, Intaglio, Intaglio rilevato, Intaglio rilievo, Interim, Interlude, Intermezzo, Intermission, Intermittence, Interregnum, Interruption, Interval, Ivory-carving, Kindness, Leniency, Letup, Liberation, Lift, Lightening, Lineaments, Lines, Locum tenens, Lost-wax process, Low relief, Lull, Main features, Makeshift, Mask, Medal, Medallion, Mercy, Metal sculpture, Metaphor, Metonymy, Ministration, Ministry, Mitigation, Modeling, Molding, Mollification, Monumental sculpture, Next best thing, Off-time, Office, Offices, Old-age assistance, Old-age insurance, Opportunity, Outline, Paper sculpture, Pardon, Pathos, Pause, Pecuniary aid, Pension, Personnel, Phony, Pinch hitter, Pity, Place, Plaquette, Plaster casting, Plastic art, Plateau, Point of repose, Portrait sculpture, Prescription, Price support, Profile, Projection, Prominence, Protection, Protrusion, Protuberance, Protuberancy, Proxy, Public assistance, Public welfare, Quarter, Quiet spell, Reassurance, Receipt, Recess, Recipe, Redress, Reinforcements, Release, Relief-carving, Relievo, Remedial measure, Remedy, Remission, Replacement, Representative, Reprieve, Rescue, Reserve forces, Reserves, Respite, Resting point, Restorative, Retirement benefits, Ringer, Round, Ruth, Salience, Salient, Say, Scholarship, Sculptor, Sculpture, Sculptured glass, Sculpturing, Second string, Secondary, Self-pity, Service, Shapes, Shell-carving, Shred of comfort, Sickness insurance, Sign, Silhouette, Skeleton, Social insurance, Social security, Social welfare, Socialized medicine, Softening, Solace, Solacement, Sovereign remedy, Spares, Specific, Specific remedy, Spell, Stand-in, State medicine, Statuary, Stipend, Stone sculpture, Stonecutting, Sub, Subsidization, Subsidy, Substituent, Substitute, Substitution, Subvention, Succedaneum, Succor, Superseder, Supplanter, Support, Surrogate, Symbol, Sympathy, Synecdoche, Tax benefit, Therapy, Third string, Time, Time at bat, Time off, Time out, Token, Tournure, Tuberosity, Tuberousness, Turn, Unballasting, Unburdening, Understudy, Unemployment compensation, Unemployment insurance, Unfreighting, Unlading, Unloading, Unsaddling, Untaxing, Utility player, Vacation, Vicar, Vice-president, Vice-regent, Welfare, Welfare aid, Welfare capitalism, Welfare payments, Welfare state, Welfare statism, Welfarism, Whack, Whittling, Wire sculpture, Womb-to-tomb security, Wood carving, Xyloglyphy

Meaning of Relief & Relief Definition