Reliant Power Tracker Plan Review

Reliant Power Tracker Plan Review

Is Reliance Energy's energy monitoring plan worth it? 3

I am considering replacing the Reliance Power Tracker package, which lowers energy prices in the natural gas market. They are constantly warning of fluctuations in the plan, claiming that prices could be as high as 25 cents per kilowatt hour, but as far as I know it was only a month in 2005, prices are normal. Sounds fine. Less than 15 cents or so I pay (currently 11.6 cents). If you are using this plan, please let me know what your plans were for last year and what you think of them. Please do not comment on other electricity providers' plans and please do not AMT anyone.


Wild One: This is a monthly plan, not linked to a long-term contract. As long as you stay in the natural gas market, as far as I know, you have at most one bad month to go to another tariff. I am interested to see the monthly fee for the last 2 years for this plan. As far as I know, the average is 12.5 cents per kilowatt.

I will not consider this program. It's like a variable rate mortgage. You see what happens to all those whose prices are not rising so much. You bet by doing so. And since you are bound by the legal agreement, you are responsible for all the money owed. Ultimately, this is your client, but I will weigh my options.

As far as expenses are concerned, there are different rates in different parts of the country.

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Reliant Power Tracker Plan Review