Definition of Reliance:

  1. State of being dependent upon or confident in something or someone; having trust. When faced with a difficult situation, he knew that the only way they could make it through was to have complete reliance upon each other, otherwise their distrust and lack of confidence would ruin their chances of being successful..

  2. Dependence on or trust in someone or something.

Synonyms of Reliance

Maecenas, Abettor, Acceptation, Acception, Acquiescence, Admirer, Advocate, Aficionado, Aid, Angel, Anticipation, Apologist, Aspiration, Assumption, Assurance, Assured faith, Assuredness, Backer, Backing, Belief, Buff, Carriage, Carrying, Certainty, Champion, Cheerful expectation, Confidence, Contemplation, Conviction, Credence, Credit, Credulity, Defender, Dependence, Desire, Doomed hope, Encourager, Endorser, Expectancy, Expectation, Exponent, Fair prospect, Faith, Fan, Favorer, Fervent hope, Friend at court, Good cheer, Good hope, Great expectations, High hopes, Hope, Hopeful prognosis, Hopefulness, Hopes, Hoping, Hoping against hope, Imminence, Lover, Mainstay, Maintainer, Maintenance, Moral support, Paranymph, Partisan, Patron, Prayerful hope, Presumption, Probability, Promise, Promoter, Prospect, Prospects, Protagonist, Psychological support, Reception, Reliance on, Sanguine expectation, Second, Seconder, Sectary, Security, Security blanket, Sider, Sponsor, Stalwart, Standby, Stock, Store, Subsidy, Subvention, Support, Supporter, Supportive relationship, Supportive therapy, Sureness, Surety, Suspension of disbelief, Sustainer, Sustaining, Sustainment, Sustenance, Sustentation, Sympathizer, Thought, Trust, Unastonishment, Upholder, Upholding, Upkeep, Votary, Well-grounded hope, Well-wisher, Dependence, Dependency

How to use Reliance in a sentence?

  1. The farmers reliance on pesticides.

Meaning of Reliance & Reliance Definition