Definition of Release:

  1. Environmental: Discharging, disposing, dumping, emitting, emptying, escaping, injecting, leaching, leaking, pouring, pumping, or spilling of one or more hazardous substances into the environment.

  2. The action of releasing property, money, or a right to another.

  3. Remit or discharge (a debt).

  4. Allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely.

  5. Allow (information) to be generally available.

  6. Legal: (1) Discharge of a property from a claim, lien, or mortgage. (2) Formal document that effects a conveyance. (3) Giving up of a claim, interest, or right. (4) Liberation of a person from custody, demand, restraint, or obligation. (5) Written statement that an obligation or requirement has been satisfied.

  7. The action or process of releasing or being released.

  8. Allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free.

  9. The action of making a movie, recording, or other product available for general viewing or purchase.

Synonyms of Release

Make public, Make known, Bring to public attention, Bring to public notice, Issue, Break, Announce, Declare, Report, Post, Reveal, Divulge, Disclose, Publish, Publicize, Print, Broadcast, Air, Transmit, Put out, Circulate, Communicate, Impart, Disseminate, Distribute, Spread, Propagate, Purvey, Freeing, Liberation, Deliverance, Ransom, Emancipation, CD, Disc, Record, Single, Album, Let off, Excuse, Exempt, Discharge, Deliver, Free, Set free, Let go, Allow to leave, Let loose, Set loose, Turn loose, Let out, Liberate, Set at liberty, Deliver, Rescue, Ransom, Emancipate, OK, Abandonment, Abjuration, Absolution, Absolve, Accord, Account, Acknowledgment, Acquaintance, Acquit, Acquittal, Acquittance, Admission, Admit, Advice, Allow, Allowance, Amnesty, Annihilation, Announcement, Bane, Biological death, Blue book, Boot, Bounce, Break, Break loose, Break out, Break up, Breakout, Breakup, Briefing, Bulletin, Bump, Bust, Can, Canceled check, Cashier, Cast loose, Cast off, Catharsis, Cessation of life, Cession, Charter, Circulate, Cleanse, Cleanse away, Cleansing, Clear, Clearance, Clearing, Clinical death, Come out with, Communication, Communique, Compurgation, Consent, Crossing the bar, Curtains, Cut loose, Data, Datum, Deactivate, Deactivation, Death, Death knell, Debrief, Debt of nature, Decease, Decontaminate, Defrock, Degrade, Deliver, Deliverance, Delivery, Demise, Demob, Demobilization, Demobilize, Demote, Departure, Deplume, Depose, Deprive, Destigmatization, Destigmatize, Destigmatizing, Detach, Detachment, Diaspora, Diplomatic immunity, Directory, Disband, Disbandment, Disbar, Discharge, Disculpation, Disembarrass, Disembroil, Disemploy, Disengage, Disentangle, Disintegrate, Disintegration, Disinvolve, Dislodge, Dismiss, Dismissal, Disorganization, Disorganize, Dispatch, Dispensation, Dispense, Dispense from, Dispense with, Dispersal, Disperse, Dispersion, Displace, Displume, Disposal, Disposition, Disseminate, Dissolution, Dissolve, Distribute, Doff, Doom, Drum out, Dumping, Dying, Ebb of life, Emancipate, Emancipation, Embassy, Emergence, Emotional release, End, End of life, Ending, Enlightenment, Escape, Escapism, Eternal rest, Evasion, Evidence, Except, Exception, Exculpate, Exculpation, Excuse, Exempt, Exempt from, Exemption, Exit, Exonerate, Exoneration, Expel, Expiration, Express, Extinction, Extinguishment, Extract, Extricate, Extrication, Facts, Factual information, Familiarization, Final summons, Finger of death, Fire, Flight, Forgive, Forgiveness, Forgoing, Forswearing, Franchise, Free, Free from, Freedom, Freeing, Furlough, Gen, General information, Get out, Getaway, Getting rid of, Give absolution, Give dispensation from, Give leave, Give off, Give out, Give permission, Give release, Give respite, Give the ax, Give the gate, Give the go-ahead, Give the word, Giving up, Go bail for, Go separate ways, Going, Going off, Grant, Grant amnesty to, Grant bail to, Grant immunity, Grant remission, Grave, Guidebook, Hand of death, Hand out, Handout, Hard information, Immunity, Incidental information, Info, Information, Instruction, Intelligence, Intermission, Intermit, Issuance, Issue, Jailbreak, Jaws of death, Justify, Kick, Kick upstairs, Knell, Knowledge, Last debt, Last muster, Last rest, Last roundup, Last sleep, Launch, Lay off, Leak, Leakage, Leave, Leave go, Leaving life, Legislative immunity, Let, Let go, Let go free, Let loose, Let loose of, Let off, Let out, Letter, Letting go, Liberate, Liberation, Liberty, License, Lifesaving, Light, Loose, Loosen, Loosing, Loss of life, Make available, Make possible, Make redundant, Making an end, Manumission, Manumit, Mention, Message, Muster out, Nonpros, Notice, Notification, Okay, Outlet, Pardon, Parole, Part, Part company, Parting, Pass out, Passing, Passing away, Passing over, Patent, Pension off, Perishing, Permission, Permission to enter, Permit, Pneumatogram, Present, Presentation, Press release, Prisonbreak, Privilege, Promotional material, Proof, Publication, Publicity, Publish, Purgation, Purge, Purge away, Purging, Put on parole, Put out, Quash the charge, Quietus, Quittance, Ransom, Read out of, Recantation, Receipt, Receipt in full, Recover, Recovery, Redeem, Redemption, Releasing, Relinquish, Relinquishment, Remise, Remission, Remit, Removal, Remove, Renunciation, Replace, Report, Reprieve, Rescue, Rescuing, Resign, Resignation, Respite, Rest, Retire, Retraction, Retrieval, Retrieve, Reward, Riddance, Sack, Sacrifice, Salvage, Salvation, Save, Save the necessity, Saving, Say the word, Scatter, Sentence of death, Separate, Separate forcibly, Separation, Set at large, Set free, Setting-free, Shades of death, Shadow of death, Shrive, Sidelight, Sleep, Somatic death, Spare, Special permission, Split up, Split-up, Statement, Story, Strip, Summons of death, Superannuate, Surcease, Surplus, Surrender, Suspend, Suspension, Swearing off, Take off, Tear loose, Telegram, The dope, The goods, The know, The scoop, Ticket, Ticket of admission, Transmission, Turn off, Turn out, Unbar, Unbind, Unbinding, Unbolt, Unbolting, Unbridling, Unbuckle, Unbuckling, Unbutton, Uncaging, Unchain, Unchaining, Unclasp, Unclutch, Undo, Unfasten, Unfetter, Unfettering, Unfrock, Ungagging, Unglue, Unhand, Unhanding, Unharnessing, Unhobbling, Unknot, Unlace, Unlashing, Unlatch, Unlatching, Unleash, Unleashing, Unlock, Unlocking, Unloose, Unloosen, Unloosing, Unmanacling, Unmuzzling, Unpenning, Unravel, Unshackle, Unshackling, Unsnarl, Unstick, Unstrap, Unstrapping, Untangle, Untethering, Untie, Untrussing, Untying, Unveil, Unyoking, Vent, Verdict of acquittal, Vindicate, Vindication, Voucher, Vouchsafe, Vouchsafement, Waiver, Warrant, Weigh anchor, White book, White paper, Whitewash, Withdraw the charge, Word, Yield, Yielding

How to use Release in a sentence?

  1. I have been advised by my bank manager that any release of money needs to be authorised by the solicitors who initiated the freezing injunction.
  2. When you go to give blood, you must sign a release stating you understand the possible risks associated with giving blood and will not hold the blood donation agency at fault if something happens to you.
  3. The amounts which later become due are consequent on the debt that is being released.
  4. No details about the contents of the talks were released.
  5. A campaign by the prisoners mother resulted in his release.
  6. When you are having a release from your industrial complex you must make sure that there are no toxic chemicals going out.
  7. The government announced that the prisoners would be released.
  8. She released his arm and pushed him aside.
  9. The film was withheld for two years before its release.
  10. The release experienced by the waste disposal company was quick and efficient so we will continue working with this new business partner.

Meaning of Release & Release Definition