Definition of Release:

  1. Environment: release, disposal, dispersal, discharge, drainage, leak, injection, wash, leak, spill, pumping or disposal of more than one hazardous substance in the environment.

  2. Transfer of property, money or rights to another person.

  3. Delivery or settlement (loan)

  4. Move (some), act or flow freely.

  5. Allow (information) is generally available.

  6. Law: (1) Exemption from claims, entitlements or mortgage owners. (2) The official document that transfers. (3) Exemption from claims, interest or rights. () To release an individual from detention, demand, coercion or responsibility. ()) A written statement stating that obligations or requirements have been met.

  7. The act or process of release or release.

  8. Allow or allow released prisoners to escape.

  9. Make your movie, recording or other product available for public viewing or purchase.

Synonyms of Release

Exempt, Break loose, Destigmatizing, Emancipate, Allow, Disseminate, Let out, Say the word, Untangle, Account, Canceled check, Unclutch, Debrief, Advice, Unfasten, Grant immunity, Cast off, Part, Clinical death, Can, Last roundup, White paper, Scatter, Ebb of life, Admit, Demise, Recantation, Accord, Communique, Boot, Excuse, Let loose, Cleanse, Letting go, Death knell, Unhanding, Forgoing, Unleash, Resign, Deliver, CD, Unglue, Finger of death, Bring to public notice, Receipt in full, Jaws of death, Biological death, Permission to enter, Purvey, Unleashing, Jailbreak, Familiarization, Briefing, Distribute, Unloosen, Surrender, Lay off, Uncaging, Distribute, Publish, Go separate ways, Relinquishment, Disclose, Destigmatize, Detach, Liberate, Announcement, Breakup, Circulate, Giving up, Acquittance, Letter, Notice, Unmanacling, Nonpros, Disintegration, Evidence, Okay, Let off, Freeing, Destigmatization, Deliver, Reward, Reprieve, Knowledge, Unlock, Announce, Grant amnesty to, Unchain, Give the ax, Record, Except, Redeem, The know, Eternal rest, Shades of death, Bounce, Blue book, Give out, Grave, Issue, Freedom, Broadcast, Disbandment, Exception, Untrussing, Leaving life, Going, Perishing, Outlet, Cession, Grant remission, Let, Spread, Exculpate, Depose, Forgive, Let loose, Turn out, Disintegrate, Telegram, Free, Give leave, Unbolt, Retraction, Diplomatic immunity, Annihilation, Circulate, Enlightenment, Purge, Unbridling, Purging, Unbinding, Cashier, Abjuration, Remove, Somatic death, Disseminate, Unstrap, Print, Liberation, Break, Forgiveness, Turn loose, Escape, Remise, Leave, General information, Displace, Charter, Yield, Surplus, Read out of, Legislative immunity, Handout, Make possible, Dispersal, Report, Break, Notification, Dispense with, Put on parole, Drum out, Respite, Dispersion, Air, Cessation of life, Factual information, Let out, Withdraw the charge, Making an end, Unhand, Yielding, Unshackling, Give the gate, Publicize, Unyoking, Guidebook, Waiver, Clearance, Unhobbling, Word, Demobilization, Whitewash, Escapism, Leakage, Untethering, Give respite, Split up, Propagate, Dissolve, Immunity, Make known, Express, Cleansing, Muster out, Launch, Delivery, Suspend, Disbar, Sacrifice, Hand of death, Cleanse away, Extricate, Loss of life, Tear loose, Remit, Report, Intelligence, Dismiss, Acquittal, Disembarrass, Unbuckle, Detachment, Breakout, Unmuzzling, Unfettering, Disengage, End, Vent, Dispense from, Kick upstairs, Getaway, Death, Ransom, Divulge, Allowance, Last sleep, Disemploy, Liberty, Cast loose, Quietus, Renunciation, Parole, Pardon, Hand out, Unbind, Swearing off, Shrive, Give permission, Last debt, Warrant, Extinguishment, Disband, Let go, Sidelight, Let off, White book, Bust, Fire, Exempt, Manumission, Getting rid of, Purgation, Make redundant, Let go free, Exit, Separation, Sleep, Datum, Message, Statement, Liberation, Bane, Discharge, Set free, Recovery, Leave go, Strip, Passing, Go bail for, Break up, Departure, Untying, Issuance, Vouchsafement, Expel, Debt of nature, Vouchsafe, Sentence of death, Put out, Unstrapping, Incidental information, Retrieval, Replace, Instruction, Extinction, Retire, Displume, Disinvolve, The goods, Ticket, Publish, Let loose of, Proof, Save the necessity, Rescue, Mention, Loosing, Discharge, Disposal, Freeing, Pension off, Post, Loosen, Publication, Unlatching, Unpenning, Deliverance, Vindicate, Emotional release, Decontaminate, Unloose, Extrication, Demote, Grant bail to, Riddance, Impart, Split-up, Doff, Pneumatogram, Give dispensation from, Parting, Going off, Setting-free, Catharsis, Unharnessing, Dislodge, Kick, Separate, Disculpation, Untie, Set at liberty, Privilege, Passing over, Facts, Exempt from, Disembroil, Unlatch, Information, Special permission, Promotional material, Unveil, Get out, Bump, End of life, Salvation, Gen, Summons of death, Deliver, Unchaining, Communicate, Set at large, Part company, Deprive, Unravel, Compurgation, Surcease, Unfrock, Dumping, Give release, Removal, Break out, Info, Manumit, Disc, Dispensation, Declare, Acquaintance, Issue, Emancipation, Demob, Dismissal, Quash the charge, Set loose, Presentation, Give absolution, Album, Transmission, Give off, The scoop, Unlocking, The dope, Relinquish, Permit, Disentangle, Remission, Unloosing, Excuse, Separate forcibly, Justify, Unbolting, Unbutton, Unknot, Emancipate, Weigh anchor, Quittance, Ransom, Set free, Franchise, Passing away, Disorganize, Make public, Unbuckling, Superannuate, Disposition, Grant, Purge away, Rescue, Bring to public attention, Abandonment, Final summons, Amnesty, Demobilize, Directory, Emergence, Exonerate, Unfetter, Unsnarl, Receipt, Allow to leave, Furlough, Curtains, Suspension, Releasing, Degrade, Last rest, Pass out, Press release, Dying, Knell, Transmit, Clearing, OK, Consent, Unbar, Turn off, Unshackle, Extract, Present, Verdict of acquittal, Light, Last muster, Exemption, Recover, Absolve, Dispatch, Ungagging, Ticket of admission, Saving, Ending, Decease, Give the word, Emancipation, Rescuing, Loose, Dispense, Give the go-ahead, Sack, Deactivation, Liberate, Let go, Redemption, Unlashing, Defrock, Unlace, Salvage, Lifesaving, Deplume, Free, Story, License, Deliverance, Publicity, Data, Make available, Voucher, Vindication, Communication, Single, Resignation, Rest, Leak, Diaspora, Prisonbreak, Disperse, Doom, Embassy, Undo, Hard information, Bulletin, Shadow of death, Crossing the bar, Reveal, Spare, Unstick, Save, Absolution, Intermission, Exoneration, Take off, Acquit, Forswearing, Permission, Evasion, Unclasp, Cut loose, Exculpation, Admission, Patent, Come out with, Intermit, Free from, Put out, Dissolution, Disorganization, Ransom, Deactivate, Acknowledgment, Clear, Flight, Retrieve, Expiration

How to use Release in a sentence?

  1. My bank manager told me that any cash supply needed to be approved by a lawyer who ordered the retention.
  2. If you donate blood, you will need to sign a statement stating that you understand the potential risks of donating blood and, if something happens to you, you are liable to the donor authority. Will not hang
  3. The amount owed later is equal to the loan issued.
  4. No detailed discussion has been published.
  5. A campaign led by the prisoner's mother led to his release.
  6. If you have resistance from your industrial complex, you need to make sure that no toxic chemicals are emitted.
  7. The government announced that it would release the prisoners.
  8. He let go of her arm and pushed her aside.
  9. The film was suspended for two years before its release.
  10. Waste disposal company approval is fast and efficient, so we will continue to work with these new business partners.

Meaning of Release & Release Definition

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Release Definition:

  1. Exemption Document Claim The claimant or claimant signs the cash waiver by waiving the right to claim additional compensation in connection with the claim.

  2. A legally binding agreement that stipulates that all past, present or future obligations arising from a particular accident or event are fulfilled.

Meanings of Release

  1. Allow or allow free escape.

  2. Move, act or move freely.

  3. Allow (information) to be publicly available.

  4. Delivery or Forgiveness (Debt)

  5. Make movies, recordings, or other products available for public viewing or purchase.

  6. The process of transferring property, money or rights to another person.

Sentences of Release

  1. The government announced the release of the prisoner

  2. He let go of her arm and pushed her away

  3. No details were revealed about the content of the conversation.

  4. The next amount is due to the loan that was repaid

  5. The campaign of the mothers of the prisoners led to their release

  6. The film's release was delayed two years.

  7. My bank manager told me that the release of any money would have to be approved by the lawyer who initiated the frozen court order.

Synonyms of Release

freeing , liberty , freedom , lifesaver , clemency , acquittance , absolution , turnout , acquittal , exemption , spring , emancipation , discharge , deliverance , charge , exoneration , lifeboat , commute , walkout , liberation , manumission , relief


How Do You Define Release?

  • A signed document that accepts payment of damages.

  • Release from solitary confinement or police custody.

Synonyms of Release

floater , let-off


Release: What is the Meaning of Release?

  1. Release refers to The donor waives any claim. The claimant or claimant signs a waiver against the payment of cash benefits and therefore relinquishes the right to claim additional compensation in connection with the claim.

  2. Release means, Agreements that are legally binding and stipulate that all past, present or derived obligations arising from certain accidents or incidents are fulfilled.

Meanings of Release

  1. (Some) move, act or let it rotate freely.

  2. Make (information) generally available.

  3. Forgive or Leave (Loans)

  4. Make public movies, recordings or other products available.

Sentences of Release

  1. Unpublished conversation details.

  2. The film will be released on Christmas.

Synonyms of Release

unmanacle, unbridle, set/let/turn loose, unhitch, unclick


What is The Meaning of Release?

  • Release refers to The donor waives any claim. The beneficiary signs a compensation against payment and therefore relinquishes the right to claim additional compensation in respect of the credit.

  • Agreements that are legally binding and stipulate that all past, present or derived obligations arising from a particular accident or event are fulfilled.

Meanings of Release

  1. Allow or allow escape from released captivity.

  2. Forgiveness or release (debt).