Release of lien

Release of lien,

Definition of Release of lien:

  1. Agreement between a lender and a borrower under which the lender (lien holder) releases the mortgaged asset or property, although the debt obligation remains in force.

How to use Release of lien in a sentence?

  1. They had a release of lien together, which meant they had an agreement and the lender would release the mortgaged assets.
  2. Starchild petitioned his bank for a release of lien on his ship, due to its absolute destruction via unregulated laser weapons.
  3. Luckily, my finance company agreed to give me a release of lien so I can sell the house more quickly.

Meaning of Release of lien & Release of lien Definition

Release Of Lien,

Definition of Release Of Lien:

  1. Properties without mortgage. See related deposit release questions.

Literal Meanings of Release Of Lien


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Sentences of Release
  1. The government announced the release of the prisoner

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  7. My bank manager told me that the release of any money would have to be approved by the lawyer who initiated the frozen court order.

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Meanings of Lien:
  1. The right to keep another person's property until that person's debt is paid off.

Sentences of Lien
  1. The seller has a promise for everyone.