Definition of Relay:

  1. An electrical device, typically incorporating an electromagnet, which is activated by a current or signal in one circuit to open or close another circuit.

  2. Receive and pass on (information or a message).

  3. A group of people or animals engaged in a task or activity for a fixed period of time and then replaced by a similar group.

  4. Communications: Fixed station (such as an earth station) or a mobile station (such as a satellite) that receives signals and rebroadcasts them at the same or a different frequency, to extend the broadcasts reach. See also repeater.

  5. Electronics: Device with two separate circuits or coils, in which current in one coil controls a much larger (or higher voltage) current in the other coils. Relays work as switches, and are used often in an engine or motor startup applications.

  6. A device to receive, reinforce, and retransmit a broadcast or program.

Synonyms of Relay

Le Mans, Adder, Air race, Alternator, Analytical control unit, Analyzer, Anchor watch, Anode, Armature, Assign, Autoconverter, Automobile race, Autostarter, Autotransformer, Battery charger, Bicycle race, Bit, Boat race, Brush, Cap, Capacitor, Carry over, Cathode, Charger, Choking coil, Coder, Coil, Collator, Communicate, Commutator, Compensator, Compiler, Condenser, Consign, Contest of speed, Controller, Converter, Coupling, Cross-country race, Cutout, Dash, Day shift, Decoder, Deliver, Deport, Derby, Detector, Differential, Diffuse, Disseminate, Distributor, Divider, Dog race, Dogwatch, Drag race, Dynamo, Dynamotor, Electrode, Electrophorus, Electroscope, Endurance race, Expel, Export, Extradite, Footrace, Full time, Fuse, Galvanic pile, Galvanoscope, Generator, Graveyard shift, Grid, Ground, Half time, Hand forward, Hand on, Hand over, Heat, Hurdle race, Ignition, Impart, Import, Inductor, Insulator, Integrator, Interrupter, Jumper, Lap, Lightning rod, Lobster trick, Magnet, Magneto, Magnetoscope, Make over, Marathon, Marathon race, Match race, Memory tubes, Metastasize, Metathesize, Motor-generator, Motorcycle race, Multiplier, Night shift, Obstacle race, Oscillator, Oscilloscope, Outlet, Overtime, Part time, Pass, Pass on, Pass over, Pass the buck, Perfuse, Phase discriminator, Pile, Plug, Pocket, Points, Position coder, Potato race, Printer, Push button, Race, Reactor, Receptacle, Receptor, Rectifier, Regatta, Relay race, Resistance box, Resistor, Rheostat, Road race, Run, Sack race, Selector, Self-starter, Selsyn, Shift, Shunt, Socket, Spark coil, Spark plug, Speedway race, Split schedule, Split shift, Spread, Sprint, Sprint race, Starter, Step-down transformer, Stint, Stock-car race, Storage unit, Sunrise watch, Swing shift, Switch, Synchronous converter, Tap, Terminal, Three-legged race, Time, Time switch, Timer, Toggle switch, Torch race, Tour, Tour of duty, Track race, Transfer, Transfer property, Transformer, Transfuse, Translate, Translocate, Transmit, Transmitter, Transplace, Transplant, Transpose, Trick, Trickle charger, Turn, Turn of work, Turn over, Voltage changer, Voltage regulator, Voltage transformer, Walk, Watch, Work shift, Yacht race, Pass on, Hand on, Transfer, Repeat, Retail, Impart, Communicate, Send, Transmit, Broadcast, Live-stream, Feed, Disseminate, Make known, Publish, Spread, Circulate

How to use Relay in a sentence?

  1. She intended to relay everything she had learned.
  2. At this, there are several loud clicking sounds, as of relays closing their circuits.
  3. The wagons were pulled by relays of horses.
  4. TV transmitters and relay stations.

Meaning of Relay & Relay Definition