Definition of Rejection:

  1. The dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc.

  2. A term used for an insurers refusal to insure a given risk. This term can also be used to describe the insurers refusal to pay a submitted claim.

Synonyms of Rejection

Eighteenth Amendment, Prohibition Party, Volstead Act, Abnegation, Agnosticism, Agreement to disagree, Alienation, Apostasy, Atheism, Ban, Bar, Barring, Blackball, Blackballing, Blockade, Booting out, Boycott, Bucking, Castaway, Castoff, Challenge, Circumscription, Cold shoulder, Complaint, Contention, Contraband, Contradiction, Contraposition, Contravention, Contraversion, Counter-culture, Counteraction, Counterworking, Crosscurrent, Crossing, Debarment, Debarring, Declension, Declination, Declinature, Declining, Deep six, Defenestration, Demarcation, Denial, Deprivation, Detrusion, Difference, Dim view, Disaccord, Disagreement, Disallowance, Disappointment, Disapprobation, Disapproval, Disbelief, Discard, Discarding, Discharge, Disclaimer, Disclamation, Discontent, Discontentedness, Discontentment, Discredit, Disenchantment, Disesteem, Disfavor, Disgruntlement, Disillusion, Disillusionment, Dismissal, Disobedience, Disparity, Displeasure, Disposal, Disrespect, Dissatisfaction, Dissension, Dissent, Dissentience, Dissidence, Distaste, Diversity, Dropping out, Dumping, Ejection, Ejectment, Elimination, Embargo, Exception, Exclusion, Expulsion, Extrusion, Forbiddance, Forbidden fruit, Forbidding, Head wind, Heresy, Holding back, Impugnation, Impugnment, Inability to believe, Inadmissibility, Incredulity, Index, Index expurgatorius, Index librorum prohibitorum, Indignation, Infidelity, Inhibition, Injunction, Interdict, Interdiction, Interdictum, Jettison, Junking, Kicking downstairs, Law, Lockout, Low estimation, Low opinion, Minimifidianism, ■■■■■■■■ opinion, Misbelief, Narrowing, Nay, Negation, Negative, Negative answer, Nix, No, No-no, Nonacceptance, Nonadmission, Nonagreement, Nonassent, Nonbelief, Noncompliance, Nonconcurrence, Nonconformity, Nonconsent, Nonobservance, Nullifidianism, Objection, Obtrusion, Omission, Opposing, Opposition, Opposure, Oppugnation, Ostracism, Ouster, Ousting, Preclusion, Prevention, Prohibition, Prohibitory injunction, Proscription, Protest, Rebuff, Rebutment, Rebuttal, Recantation, Recusance, Recusancy, Refusal, Refuse, Reject, Rejectamenta, Relegation, Removal, Renunciation, Repression, Repudiation, Resistance, Restriction, Restrictive covenants, Retention, Ruling out, Scrapping, Secession, Spurning, Standing against, Statute, Sumptuary laws, Suppression, Taboo, The boot, The bounce, Throwaway, Throwing out, Thumbs-down, Traversal, Turndown, Unbelief, Unbelievingness, Undercurrent, Underground, Unhappiness, Unwillingness, Variance, Withdrawal, Withholding, Zoning, Zoning laws, Refusal, Non-acceptance, Declining, Turning down, No, Dismissal, Spurning, Rebuff

How to use Rejection in a sentence?

  1. The Union decided last night to recommend rejection of the offer.

Meaning of Rejection & Rejection Definition

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What is Rejection?

  • Disclaimer is an insurance term that means the insurer does not cover the risk and therefore rejects someone's insurance policy.

    This may also mean that a secure event will not be processed due to a failed application.

  • Insurer's refusal to write a policy for the claimant.

Meanings of Rejection

  1. Rejecting or rejecting a suggestion, idea, etc.

Sentences of Rejection

  1. The union decided last night to reject the offer.

Synonyms of Rejection

cold-shouldering, desertion, knock-back, excommunication, abandonment, a kick in the teeth, cutting ■■■■, shunning, sending to Coventry, shutting out, snubbing, brush-off, forsaking, blacklisting, ostracizing, ignoring, avoidance, snub


What is The Definition of Rejection?

  1. Disclaimer is an insurance term that means the insurer does not cover the risk and denies someone else's insurance policy.

    It could also mean that a secure event will not be processed due to a failed process.

  2. The definition of Rejection is: Resell to insurance companies to write policies for claimants.

Synonyms of Rejection

cutting ■■■■