Reinsurer's Margin

Reinsurer's Margin,

Reinsurer's Margin means,

  • Reinsurer's Margin refers to Insurance company utility and management factors, which are usually calculated on the overall transfer.

Literal Meanings of Reinsurer's Margin


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Reinsurer's Margin,

Definition of Reinsurer's Margin:

Reinsurance utility and management factors, which are usually counted in descending order.

Literal Meanings of Reinsurer's Margin


Sentences of Reinsurer
  1. Insurers and reinsurers across the continent could face losses of up to 3 3 billion, which could mean higher premiums for private and corporate insurers next year.

  2. Reinsurance helps insurance companies share their costs.

  3. Insurers are also nervous because they are not sure whether their reinsurance will pay for the losses.

  4. Insurers and reinsurers never consider terrorism when setting their premium prices.


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