Definition of Reinsurance:

  1. Practice where an insurance company (the insurer) transfers a portion of its risks to another (the reinsurer). Legal rights of the policyholders (insureds) are in no way affected by reinsurance, and the insurer remains liable to the insureds for insurance policy benefits and claims.

How to use Reinsurance in a sentence?

  1. Since the indemnity was beginning to mount for the insurer, the company decided issue reinsurance terms to whomever wanted to help shoulder the burden; as it were, the terms they received were very favorable.
  2. Sometimes an insurance company may decide they have to much liability and may look for another company for reinsurance to lighten their load.
  3. If you are working in an insurance firm and find yourself in a risky position look for another company to use their reinsurance .

Meaning of Reinsurance & Reinsurance Definition


Reinsurance Meanings:

  • Reinsurance means: In which one party, the insurance car, in return for the premium paid, to the other party, to the insurance company, to pay all the liabilities or compensation assumed by the insurance company under the terms of the insurance policy issued by the insurance company. Performs for Insurance can also be called insurance company or principal sedentary.

  • Insurance for insurance companies. The insurance company covers all the risks of the insurance company or all the risks that they present, and many people have spread their total risk to many insurance companies. The purpose of an insurance company is to cover the risks and costs associated with becoming an insurer or bankrupt of an engine company.

    An insurance company is also called insurance for the insurer.

  • Also known as insurance insurance or loss insurance. Insurance To reduce the likelihood of paying liability arising out of an insurance event, an insurer transfers a portion of its risk portfolio through another agreement.

    • For insurers, insurance or reinsurance transfers the risk to another company to reduce the likelihood of a massive payment in the event of a claim.
    • Insurance allows the insurer to remain solvent, with all or part of the payment paid.
    • Insurance companies are known as cedars.
    • Insurance methods are optional, proportional and disproportionate.

  • You can define Reinsurance as, From the insurance company to the insurance company the insurance company handles part of the risk and part of the premium of the main insurance company, which is called the main company. Insurance effectively increases the insurance company's capital and, at the same time, its ability to sell more coverage. Its business is global and some of the largest insurance companies are headquartered abroad. Insurance companies have their own reinsurance, called retrospective. Insurance does not cover insured claims. Instead of that. , They pay the claim.

Meanings of Reinsurance

  1. A contract in which an insured transfers all or part of the risk to another insured to protect himself from the risk of the first insurance.

Sentences of Reinsurance

  1. Such incidents will make it difficult for your clients to get international insurance.