Reinsurance Wheel

Reinsurance Wheel,

Reinsurance Wheel Meanings:

  • A simple definition of Reinsurance Wheel is: Individual life insurance risk retention procedures that go beyond the restoration of the insurance company itself to a revolving group of retrocessionaries (to the extent of their signature), whose order in the department is determined by the imaginary wheel. happens.

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Meanings of Wheel:
  1. A circular object that rotates around an axis and is mounted under a vehicle or other object so that it can move easily on the ground.

  2. Machines or structures in which wheels are an integral part.

  3. A basket

  4. Something that looks or works like a whale, especially cheese on a wedge.

  5. An example of spin or rotation

  6. Push or pull (wheeled vehicle)

  7. Flies in a circle or in a wide curve (from a bird or an airplane).

Sentences of Wheel
  1. Wheelchair

  2. Small brie wheels

  3. The sled is delivered to the cabin

  4. The birds turned and went down

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go round, roll, trundle, rotate, turn, disc, ring, push, motor, rotation, automobile, swivel, orbit, pivot, turn round, machine, circle, revolve, gyration, hoop