Reinsurance Premium

Reinsurance Premium,

Reinsurance Premium Meanings:

  1. Reinsurance Premium means: The premium paid by the company which surrenders to the insurance company in return for the liability accepted by the insurance company.

  2. The definition of Reinsurance Premium is: Insurance premium is paid by an insurance company to an insurance company for a certain amount of time to get insurance coverage.

    Insurers buy insurance to cover their risks. In other words, insurance is a type of insurance that is placed on the insurance company if several claims are made at the same time.

Literal Meanings of Reinsurance Premium


Meanings of Reinsurance:
  1. A contract in which the insurer transfers all or part of the risk to another insured to cover the first or the insurance risk.

Sentences of Reinsurance
  1. The event will make it difficult for you to get international insurance for your customers


Meanings of Premium:
  1. Amount paid for an insurance policy.

  2. Something that is given as a gift, gift or incentive.

Sentences of Premium
  1. If the calculations are correct, the income of a pensionable worker includes the premiums that must be paid to the insurance company in addition to his salary to get equal rights.

Synonyms of Premium

percentage, insurance payment, prize, additional payment, insurance charge, additional fee, regular payment, extra amount, extra charge, remuneration, bonus, extra, instalment, recompense, reward, surcharge, perk