Reinsurance Pool

Reinsurance Pool,

How Do You Define Reinsurance Pool?

Definition of Reinsurance Pool: Risk financing by insurance companies that enhances the ability to cover certain types of risks. The insurer assigns the risk to the group in accordance with traditional insurance agreements. Insurers can become co-owners of the group and assume a share of the group's risk. Ownership reinsurance group may be owned by the original policyholder. Some ponds are run at the state level so that there are no difficulties in finding them. To provide space.

The definition of Reinsurance Pool is: It is a dual insurance contract in which each group or groups assumes a specific share of each risk assigned to the insurance group. Unlike wheels.

Literal Meanings of Reinsurance Pool


Meanings of Reinsurance:
  1. An agreement in which an insured transfers all or part of the risk to another insurer to protect himself from the risk of the first insurance.

Sentences of Reinsurance
  1. Such incidents will make it difficult for your clients to obtain international insurance.


Meanings of Pool:
  1. A small area of ​​calm water that usually forms naturally.

  2. (Water or other liquid) forms an excavator on the floor or other surface.

  3. (Two or more individuals or organizations) put (money or other assets) in a mutual fund.

  4. Offer available vehicles or equipment when needed.

  5. A form of billiards in which the aim is to hit all the balls with a game ball. For example, there are many versions of the game. Straight billiards or eight ball.

  6. A group of participants called for the right to advance to the next round of the tournament. Competes

  7. Agreements between competing parties to set prices or tariffs are illegal in many countries, and sharing agreements to end competition.

Sentences of Pool
  1. Natural lake water is exchanged for lake water and therefore it remains clean.

  2. Oil has accumulated behind the dock wall and is slowly flowing into the river

  3. Sign an agreement to collect all profits and make profitable investments

  4. The oldest vehicle in the fleet

  5. However, during the summer, rooms are open on Thursdays and Saturdays for those who want to play pool, pool or pool.

  6. Chicken page A

  7. Competitive network pool management reduces individual costs

Synonyms of Pool

supply, stock, reservoir, fund, common supply, storehouse, cache, stockpile, pond, reserve, store, puddle, hoard, reserves, accumulation, backlog