Definition of Reinstate:

  1. Restore a facility (such as a loan) to its original status after a default.

  2. Restore an insurance policy after its lapse due to non-payment of premium.

  3. Reappoint a person to his or her original position after a suspension.

Synonyms of Reinstate

Account for, Clear, Cry sour grapes, Destigmatize, Do justice to, Exculpate, Explain, Give back, Justify, Place in, Purge, Put back, Rationalize, Reactivate, Recall, Reconstitute, Reconvert, Recruit, Reenact, Reestablish, Refill, Reform, Rehabilitate, Reinstall, Reinstitute, Reintegrate, Reinvest, Renew, Replace, Replenish, Restore, Return, Revest, Revive, Vindicate, Warrant

Meaning of Reinstate & Reinstate Definition