Definition of Reimbursement:

  1. Pay the person who spent or lost the money.

  2. Payment of expenses incurred or paid

  3. Compensation is usually associated with business expenses. Many companies have guidelines that explain when to pay employees for extra costs. These costs are usually travel related and can cover the cost of hotels, meals, land transportation and flights (payment of travel expenses). Companies can also pay their employees for other types of fees, such as: B university courses or higher education (tuition payments).

  4. Compensation is compensation that is not paid by the organization to employees, customers or other parties or receives more than that. Business compensation, insurance costs and excess taxes are common examples. However, refunds are not taxable.

Synonyms of Reimbursement

Compensation, Recompense, Refund, Squaring, Making good, Repayment, Amends, Restitution, Recoupment, Satisfaction, Requital, Redress, Atonement, Return, Paying back, Refundment, Indemnification, Kickback, Reparation, Retribution

How to use Reimbursement in a sentence?

  1. Employees are paid سو 100 each year to cover the cost of the uniforms they should wear.
  2. The daily rate is the daily rate paid to employees for business trips. .
  3. Payment of daily medical expenses.
  4. Insurance compensation includes the payment of compensation to the insured, such as B. Medicine. A tax refund is a kind of refund. .
  5. Sometimes you can pay more for the shipment and you have to wait for the other party to return your money.
  6. They offered me a refund from the pizzeria because they put too much sauce on the pizza and it set my mouth on fire.
  7. Compensation is the amount paid to employees, customers or other parties as payment for business expenses, insurance, taxes or other expenses. .
  8. Reimbursement of business expenses includes non-refundable expenses such as travel and food. .

Meaning of Reimbursement & Reimbursement Definition