Rehoming Fee

Rehoming Fee

Should I return the bill to someone who returns the dog because it is not good for him?

Our local animal shelter does not refund any part of the adoption fee. If you get the animal back, you are donating it only for a good cause.

With most adoption agreements, right-click the agreement. Otherwise, you have to use your judgment to see if they are capable of destruction.

Are you lying to me about environmental applications? They don't do what they promised when they raised the dog, like: B Stay with the dog, sometimes I'm there, don't leave the dog alone for more than 8 hours, etc?

Was there enough time after taking the dog? For example, this friend turned down the offer and no longer wants a dog, even though he has had a dog or bully for six months.

Or did you misunderstand the environment and give it the wrong dog?

To be. I will not refund the fee if you are one of the first. If this is the last one, I will refund all the money. If it were two losses I would split in half.

No questions asked in our redemption for 2 weeks, after 2 weeks you will lose your donation. I'll take a look at your agreement if you have one. Most people who have returned dogs to me usually feel guilty about being the right choice for their dog and say save on adoption fees, and that's an extra donation.

Maybe not, but it may be a warning that you made a mistake during the repair. It's great to bring a dog back, but once you've given the first person enough money, take the time to evaluate the next person better. Better yet, take the dog to a good rescue organization and they will look for you.

Yes, you took the money when they bought the dog. When you bring a dog, you take your money. Don't force this animal into a terrible situation for a few dollars. If you find the right person for my dog, the elders will pay you.

What does your contract say?

If you return the dog within 7 days, you will be refunded as a goodwill gesture.

If you have had a dog for more than a week, you can donate a kit.

I did it once. Just because I want to make sure it's the best for me. And I am the Savior, so you never know what will happen to my others. I found out about the problem, then put it in the bug myself. Your call

Rehoming Fee

Rehoming Fee

I want to.

Our shelter does this if the dog is returned within the first week.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Sometimes dogs don't work for some families. And you can't raise money for dogs jumping around me, return the money so they can use it and find the right dog.

What are your deals with a potential new offer?

If this is the case then maybe you should not return half of it :) This will teach them not to buy old dogs. But I agree with you that you will do better next time!

Rehoming Fee